P522 ORACLE 522 Sat29 Jul C4 2200:10   1/3   Company   Statistics  It's a sparse week for economic indicators with only the official reserves on Wednesday worth marking in your diary. July was a turning point for sterling on the foreign exchange after it took such a battering in the previous month. The pressure came off sterling towards the end of June as more favourable economic indicators suggested that the Chancellor's medicine was working. UBS Phillips & Drew forecasts a modest underlying rise in the reserves of £250m after June's £2.2bn fall. >>>>> ORLANDO HOLIDAY BARGAIN see p599 Next Story Units Your Money Diversions
P522 ORACLE 522 Sat29 Jul C4 2200:01   2/3   Company   Statistics  Monday: London sterling certificates of deposit XMvne).Bill turnover statistics (June). Sterling commercial paper (June). UK bank's assets and liabilities and the money stock (June). Tuesday: Overseas earnings at City (1988). Wednesday: UK official reserves hMvly). Advanced energy statistics (June). Overseas travel and tourism (May). Capital issues and redemtions (July). Detailed analysis of employment, unemployment, earnings, prices and other indicators. >>>>> City headlines 500 Next Item Newsfile Units Your Money
P522 ORACLE 522 Sat29 Jul C4 2200:11   3/3   Company   Statistics  Thursday: Housing starts and completions (June) Friday: None announced >>>>> Use 'HOLD' button if required City headlines 500