P510 ORACLE 510 Sat29 Jul C4 2200:01   1/3       Monday kicks off with finals from Maxwell Communication Corp. Expect pre-tax profits for the 15 months of between £190m-£210m (£180m). NatWest is forecast by UBS Phillips & Drew to show on Tuesday a 10% rise in interim profits to £770m. The day after, Barclays is expected to show the effect of the Argentine provisions. Interim profits of £720m-£740m are forecast (£642m). Midland ends the banking season on Thursday. Forecasts for its half-timer range from £254m-£360m (£313m). >>>>> ORACLE VIEWERS HOLIDAY OFFERS 598/9 1st Item Marketing Newsfile Your Money
P510 ORACLE 510 Sat29 Jul C4 2200:10   2/3   Company   News  MONDAY: Interims: Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, Lex Service, Spong Holdings, Titaghur Jute Factory (30/7) Finals: BBB Design Group, Maxwell Communication Corp, Transrap Hldgs, TR Trustees Corp TUESDAY: Interims: BAA Group, Molynx Holdings, National Westminster Bank Finals: Unitech contd >>>>> Use 'HOLD' button if required City headlines 500 Newsfile 520 Next Item Newsfile Units Your Money
P510 ORACLE 510 Sat29 Jul C4 2201:00   3/3   Company   News  'FDNESDAY Interims: Barclays, Glynwed Intl, Wickes, Yorkshire Chemicals Finals: Border $flevision, Dale Electric Intl, Douglas (Robert M), Northamber, Sommerville (Ol) & Son THURSDAY Interims: Cowie (T), Midland Bank Finals: Abbey, Dale Electric Intl, Mid Wynd Inter Inv Trust, Planning Research and Systems, TI Group, Trans-Natal Coal Corp FRIDAY Interims: Freeman Group, Investment Trust of Guernsey Finals: None announced >>>>> Use 'HOLD' button if required Marketing Newsfile Units Your Money