P441 ORACLE 441 Sat29 Jul C4 2200:03  4-Tel       MONDAY 5.00pm Sticks and Stones - Talk About Building, the fifth programme in this series, aims to capture the spirit of Irishness today with an engaging study of architecture. From the pre-historic Newgrange sites to the most modern develo—lfnts, we are shown a variety of attitudes to the built environment in Ireland. Small run down cottages, new Spanish- style bungalows and dilapidated high rise blocks are just some of the buildings surveyed.  1/3 Next Feature Take 4 Sport On 4 Facts
P441 ORACLE 441 Sat29 Jul C4 2201:11  4-Tel       This week's programme shows how political and planning decisions have influenced the shape of Ireland's landscape and how architects have responded to the challenge. There is a certain simplicity about many Irish buildings and the way they relate to the landscape. Unimposing cottages and low-roofed buildings allow the countryside to breathe. But not all architects agree and hence a multiplicity of styles evolve.  2/3 Next Feature Take 4 Sport On 4 Facts
P441 ORACLE 441 Sat29 Jul C4 2204:10  4-Tel       A variety of opinions about Irish architecture - expressed by planners, environmentalists, architects and onlookers - and specially composed music take the place of a commentary. An unobtrusive background to the changing images of rural and town architecture in Ireland is provided. After being presented with a wealth of information, we are left to consider the changing issue of architecture in Ireland and make up our own minds. Irish Reel is on Monday at 5.00pm.  3/3 Next Feature Take 4 Sport On 4 Facts