P439 ORACLE 439 Sat29 Jul C4 2201:03 4-Tel            3.45pm on MONDAY Jeff B Harmon, the producer and director of this week's Dispatches, also made Afghan, a film about the Soviet army in Afghanistan, which was shown on C4 in February. This time his subject is the remarkable commander-in-chief of the Ismaeli Defence Force, Sayed Jaffar. The two million Ismaelis occupy Baghlan Province in Afghanistan. They form a sub-sect of Shia Islam, though they have no ban on alcohol and their women are not required to be veiled.  1/3 Next Feature Take 4 Sport On 4 Facts
P439 ORACLE 439 Sat29 Jul C4 2201:10 4-Tel            Sayed Jaffar is the son of Sayed Mansoor Jaffar, the titular head of Afghanistan's two million Ismaelis. At the age of ten he was sent to school in England but when he was fourteen he went to live with an uncle in the United States. He was a rowdy teenager and a member of a motorcycle gang - now having returned to his native land he's at the head of a formidable fighting force of 1200 men. He's now a big man in Afghanistan.  2/3 Next Feature Take 4 Sport On 4 Facts
P439 ORACLE 439 Sat29 Jul C4 2204:10 4-Tel            Sayed Jaffar and his father have become significant power brokers in Afghanistan and have done deals with all sides - the Afghan government, the Soviet army AND the Mujahideen. Producer Jeff Harmon and his cameraman Alexander Lindsay spent a month with this extraordinary character - the head of perhaps the only group to derive any benefit from the Afghan War. Having been persecuted by Sunni and Shia Islam, the Ismaelis through the Jaffars are in control now. by Adrian Carroll  3/3 Next Feature Take 4 Sport On 4 Facts