P436 ORACLE 436 Sat29 Jul C4 2201:10  4-Tel         10.00pm MONDAY "What should have been a very easy prograllf to shoot turned out to be our most difficult. "Rain, wind, gales and even hailstones in the month of July were hard to believe. This coupled with the fact no- one...was catching anything of any size brought out the patience in everyone". So says Peter Akehurst (producer and director) of the first episode in a new six-part series of Go Fishing - he could not really be talking about anything else!  1/2 Next Feature 4-T Competition Facts
P436 ORACLE 436 Sat29 Jul C4 2201:00  4-Tel         Once again the redoubtable John Wilson presents his usual inimitable blend of practical know how and humour, in this, his third series for Channel 4. The man has the uncanny knack of renewing one's enthusiasm for an activity of which the predominant memories are wet clothes and spilling maggots in the fridge. The firt programme sees the bearded wonder fishing for Perch and Tench on two Norfolk lakes.  2/2 Next Feature 4-T Competition Facts
P436 ORACLE 436 Sat29 Jul C4 2204:00  4-Tel         9.00pm TONIGHT Claire Bloom and Daniel Massey star in this frank and powerful drama series which explores the devastating effects of AIDS. Written by Alma Cullen and directed by Waris Hussein, this repeated serial was the first British TV drama to deal with AIDS as a heterosexual virus. It painfully unmasks the established relationship between a husband and wife and exposes raw emotion in their family life when it's discovered one of them has contracted the virus.  1/2 Next Feature 4-T Competition Facts
P436 ORACLE 436 Sat29 Jul C4 2204:11  4-Tel         The family is forced to cope with social isolation as well as the imminent death of the husband and father, whose indiscretion on a business trip has ruined their lives. In the first episode, Clive Gregory (Daniel Massey) returns from a lengthy bqsiness trip abroad, looking forward to rejoilHng his f!hHly. But he is taken ill and hospital tests prove that life for the Gregory family will never be the same again.  2/2 Next Feature 4-T Compdtition Facts