P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1711:50 |B220122E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m40000ITVSec Au87:HUM÷X÷Y÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X|X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X|X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X—^e÷X —(÷|—÷X÷=÷eJ÷XJ÷X÷X?÷Y÷X÷XSeri es 9÷]÷X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷X÷X!÷X÷\÷=÷ ÷ ÷=Unit O÷]÷X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=!÷X÷n÷X÷\ ÷=÷=÷=÷= htle —/÷]÷X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=7÷ X,÷ ÷\÷=÷=÷=÷=Days broadcast—G÷]÷X÷=÷O÷[ ÷X÷#c÷X÷Z÷X÷#÷=÷=÷=÷=1st TX ÷j÷^÷ X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=e÷X÷|—÷X÷Z÷=÷=÷=÷=1st time A÷|—÷X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=m÷X÷\÷X÷|—÷=÷=÷=÷=2nd TX <÷^÷X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷8p÷X÷|—÷X÷Z÷=÷= ÷=÷=2nd time —>÷^÷X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=y÷X|c
P692 ORACLE 690 Mon12 Oct C4 1701:04 |B221222E|a16KEEPME|i1 DATAB ÷Z÷X19870 22÷U÷[÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ZA l—&azine progr!lld f or young German learn—ps: Der Hirschkafer, Scheincen, 89 uftballons (Ne6—4, Briefp artner (2) ÷c÷X ÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷XW÷X÷X÷XThe German programme Partner TV1 Progra mme 3 ÷Z ÷X  U[XXXXXXXXXXXXX ÷X÷X÷ZA magazine progr—lle for youfg G erman learners: Mull, Kombitier, Spliff, Briefpartner (3) ÷c÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X ÷XX÷X÷X÷XThe German progra66f Partner TV1 Program%— 4 ÷Z÷(0X8  ÷U÷[÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X|X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ZA ma gazine progr!lld for young German learners: Botanaqbher Gar ten, Musikfans, Ze—ts|a
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:01 |B221322E|a16KEEPME|i14DA @|l434D5chrift en, The Sweeney, Brief part&—p (4) ÷c÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷XY÷X÷X÷XThe German progr!lle Partner TV 1 Progra%De 5 ÷Z÷ 0X871013÷U÷[÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ZA magazine progr amme for young German learners: Uhrenmuseum, Helden (David Bowie), $sh irt (Gd—tbewerb), Briefpartner (5). ÷c÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷XZ÷X÷X÷XThe German pr ogr!lle Partner TV3 Progr! $@ 0  ÷Z÷ 0 871020÷U÷[÷X÷(0X871027÷U÷[÷X ÷X÷X÷ZA magazine progr!lld for German learners recorded in Wuppertal: Die P olizei, F!lhlien, Reiten, Klaus und Uli: Sommerferien 0 ÷c÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X ÷X[÷X÷X÷XThe German progr!lld Partner TV3 D ÷Z÷X 
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:00 |B221622E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m4 @  th of teenage culture and the rise o f popular m5q—c. ÷|—÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷ a÷X÷X÷XHow we 4sed to live   ÷j÷(0X870929s÷\÷X÷ 0X871 002—g÷[÷X÷X@@National Service and the Suez Crisis. ÷|—÷X÷X ÷X÷e÷X÷X÷Xl÷X÷X÷XHow we prdd to live 1954 0 70 Commerci 19871006s÷\÷X÷X19871009—g÷[÷X÷XB÷YTelevi sion, advertisingand the start of the consu%bq society. ÷|—÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷Xm÷X÷X|c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:11 |B221722E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m44192÷XHow we used po live 1954 0 70 ÷j÷X19871013s÷\÷X÷ X 16—g÷[÷X÷X@@The beginning of CND and f !lHlies on holiday. ÷|—÷X÷ | X÷e÷X÷X÷Xn÷X÷X÷XHow we used to live 1954-1970 Separate schools ÷j÷X1 9871020s÷\÷X÷ 0 871023—g÷[÷X÷X@÷XSelecti ve 3$condary education and the 11+ e xamination ÷|—÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷Xo÷X÷X÷XHow we used to live 1954-1970 Women's wrongs ÷j÷X19871103s÷\÷X÷ 08 71 113—g÷[÷X÷X@@The changing role of wome n at a time when values and morali|c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1701:00 |B221822E|a16KEEPMExh14DATA|m444CFty were cha&f—ng. ÷|—÷X÷X÷X ÷e÷X÷X÷Xp÷X÷X÷XHow we used to live 1954M0 70 Riqhng hig h ÷j÷ 0 871110s÷\÷X÷X198 [XXPXM rban davdlop- %—&p and (—gh-r—q— fl ats. ÷|—÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷Xq÷X÷X|XHow we used to live 0854 0  ÷b÷ 0 871117s÷\÷X÷ X 20—'÷[÷X÷X@÷\The new immigration fro- former colonie1 and the Cuban D—3q—le Crisis. ÷|—÷X÷X ÷X÷e÷X÷X÷Xr÷X÷X÷XHow we used to live 1954 0 70 Our |c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:00 |B2 EKEEPMEDATA f music ÷j÷(0X 871124s÷\÷X÷X19871127—g÷[÷X÷XH÷XThe impa ct of popular music on a f!l—ly. Th e assassination of Presidenp Ken6bby. ÷|—÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷Xs÷X÷X÷XMidd le nglish Mr Magus Mr Magus is waiting foryou: Episode One ÷^÷X19870915÷D÷[÷X÷X19870 916Q÷\÷X÷X÷\÷XOn the lasp day of sum mer holidays four youngsters wanddr in po a strange garden; in a room at the to p of the hou3d an old man waits with his black cat. ÷a÷X÷X ÷X÷e÷X÷X÷X—0÷X÷X÷XMiddle En'lish Mr Mag51 Mr Dagu s is waiting foryou: Episode Two ÷^÷ H08870922÷D÷[÷X÷X19870923Q÷\÷X÷X÷\÷XTwg of the youngsters are fascinated by phe mystdrhous ho5qd w —p— food is l—h— ou t with their names attached; u01t |c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:00 |B221B22E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m44E78÷X÷ 0 871014Q÷\÷X÷X÷\÷ @ look at the broader context in which children's TV con tent is decided. ÷a÷ X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷X—4÷X÷X÷XMiddle English Watching TV Wata hing TV 3 ÷^÷ 08871020÷D÷[÷X÷ 0 8 ÷\÷X÷X÷ ÷X onsiders —tdiences andasks about the way s children use televisionw—p( que1tig ns about when, what, how and w(8the8 w atch. ÷a÷X÷X÷X÷e÷ ÷X÷X—5÷X÷ X÷XMiddle Engl—sh ÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ ÷X÷X÷X÷X The phce Job ÷^÷X19871103÷D÷[÷X÷ 0 871104Q÷\÷X÷X÷ \÷XAuthor Michaal Rosen trieq to show that evarybody's life con- tains th e raw material for storx telling and ch ildren's dvdryday experiences arex@
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oap C4 1700:01 |B221C22E|a16KEEPME|i14D@TAP F worth telling. ÷!÷X÷X÷X÷—÷ ÷X÷X—R X÷X÷XMiddle English ÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷XzX÷X÷X÷X÷XzX÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷XGrace Nichols ÷^÷ 0 8  D[X X  L X÷\÷\Poet Grace Niahols talks about why she writes, what s(— hopes to say and to whom; s(dfoc1qds on family rela- pions and inter!apion between people an d the natural environ$—jt÷a÷ |X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷ X—7÷X÷X÷XMiddle English ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷XHere are the poems: R McGough & B Patten ÷^÷ 0 871117÷D÷[÷X÷ 0 871118Q÷ \÷X÷X÷\÷XA selection of poems written and performed by Roger McGough and Br ian Patten in association with th e dvdnts that inspir—— them. ÷a÷X÷X÷X÷e÷ X÷X÷X—8÷X÷X÷XMiddle English ÷X÷X÷X÷XzX÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ @brican Jigsaw |c
P692 ORACLE 690 Mon12 Oct C4 1701:00 |B221D22E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m45495 ÷^÷X19871124÷D÷[÷X÷X19871125 Q÷\÷X÷X÷dDA school musical co% missign ed by the World Wildlife Fund raises t he importaft hssue of the population shi ft from the countryahd— tocitie1 fgllo wed by highurban poverty. ÷a÷X÷X÷X÷e ÷X÷X÷X—9÷X÷X÷XPeople and politics ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷XThe video soapbox ÷Z÷X19871117÷k÷\÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷XAThe politicians' u se of tdlerhsion and the media's hand ling of polithcs. ÷f÷X÷X÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X—L÷X÷X÷XPeople and pol itics ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷XLanding strip one ÷Z÷ 0X8  k÷\÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷h@Brit—— n's res0n&qhbhlities in an interdependent world. |c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1710:00 |B221E22E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m45793 ÷f÷X÷X÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X—M÷X÷X÷XWorl d studies World davdl opment Introduction - One Wo rld? ÷|—÷X19870 0 \XXXX ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷j@What is world dev elop- ment and how can we cope with i ts problems? ÷f÷X÷X÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X÷]÷Y÷X÷X  World davdlopment Food ÷|—÷ 08870924÷i÷\÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷h@Case studies of Mal aysia and Senec l illustrate the importance of food sccurity. ÷f÷X÷X ÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X÷^÷Y÷X÷XWorld studies World dswflopment Hea|c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1710:00 |B222022E|a16KEEPMEtH14DATA|m @D successful strategy? ÷f÷X÷X÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X÷a÷Y÷X÷XWorld studies World ddvelopmen— Land ÷|—÷ 0 871022÷i÷\÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ ÷h@What is the rich wor ld's responsibility towards political an d social change in developing cou ntries? ÷f÷X÷X ÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X÷b÷Y÷X÷XWopld studies Environment D pph: dang—— in the air ÷|— ÷X18871029÷i÷\÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X ÷X÷h@Looks at ideas of interdepende nce betweenall living things on earth In particular the pollutHon ob the atmosphere, and the consequence1 of t his are ex!lhned. ÷f÷X÷X÷X÷j÷X÷X÷ X÷c÷Y÷X÷XWorld studies Environment Earth: the f|a
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:00 |B221522E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m43B26erferi en (4) ÷c÷X÷X÷X ÷e÷X÷X÷X^÷X÷X÷XThe German progr!lle Partner TV3 Program$d Z X 871124÷U÷[÷X÷X19871124÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ZA maga zine programme for German learner1 recorded in Wtppertal: Der Flotenbauer, Fremdsprachen, Segelfliege n, Klaus undUli: Somm—pferien 4). ÷c÷X÷X÷X÷e÷X÷X÷X#÷X÷X÷XHow we used to live 1954M0 70 Land of plenty ÷j÷X19870915s÷\÷X÷ 0X870 918—g÷[÷X÷X@÷XHomes and family life whe n food rationing was ending. ÷|—÷X÷ X÷X÷d÷X÷X÷Xj÷X÷X÷XHow we used to live 1954-1 70 Home be fore nine ÷j÷ X19870922s÷\÷X÷ 0 870925—g÷[÷X÷XH÷XT|c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1710:00 |B222122A|a16KEEPME|i1 DATAFDC soil ÷|—÷ 0 8  i÷\÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ |X÷X÷h@Examin es the ways in w@hch people an— technology affect ona of the most hmpor tant ecoq80pems - the qo—l. ÷f÷X÷X÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X÷d÷Y÷ |XWo rld studies Environ$— nt Earth: saving the pla net ÷|—÷X198 \XXX ÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷h@  lopment of the ecology movementin which has developed a greater understandinggb the planet's naturalsystfms and how thes e pe $—l g——. ÷f÷X÷X÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X÷e÷Y÷X÷XWorld studi es Debt Piggybank 1 ÷|—÷ 0 8 0008÷i÷\÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷ X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷X÷j@A two-parp drama which t ells the story of a fraud in trade bet ween Britain and @cp(ca through |c
P692 ORACLE 692 Mon12 Oct C4 1710:00 |B222222E|a16KEEPME|i14DATA|m4641Bwhich issuds oftrade and internationalfinance are explored. ÷f÷X÷X ÷X÷j÷X÷X÷X÷f÷Y÷X÷XWorld studies Debt Pig'8" .B 2 ÷|— ÷ 08871126÷i|\÷X÷X÷X|X|X÷X÷X÷X÷XzX÷ ÷ ÷X ÷X÷j@The concl5qho. of the drama in whi ch the nature of the fraud is reveal ad. ÷f÷XzX÷X÷—÷X÷X÷ X÷g÷Y÷X÷X÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ ÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ ÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ ÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ ÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷ =÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=÷=|c
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