P672 ORACLE 672 Mon12 Oct C4 1710:16 1/4 ORACLE'S CIRCULATION AND AUDIENCE SHOW SPECTACULAR GROWTH ORACLE's latest audience research shows that its daily audience has increased by 24% in the six months since the last survey. NOP's $fletext Audience Survey January- June 1987 gives ORACLE a daily audience of 3.6m adult viewers H02+) and a weekly audience of 5.8m, (compared to 2.9m daily viewers and 4.9m weekly viewers July-December 1986). In the same period the teletext set count has increased from 3.7m to 4.2d and the research also indicates that around 100,000 homes have more than one teletext set. more >> City Racing Holidays Rock/Film
P672 ORACLE 672 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:11 2/4 GB household penetration of teletext, now at 19%, has effectively doubled in the last 3 years and continues to rise steadily at a rate of 65,000 more sets each month. These results show ORACLE must be the only daily publication in Britain guaranteeing its advertisers increasing circulation and readership. ORACLE can now also boast to be the leading teletext mfdium, with a daily audience now higher than that of its non-commercial rival Ceefax. Teletext viewers also claim to spend more of their time watching ORACLE than Ceefax. Sports, news, tv guides and weather/ travel continue to be the most watched pages. more >> City Racing Holidays Rock/Film
P672 ORACLE 672 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:01 3/4 In line with growing public interest in investment the audience for ORACLE's city finance pages is growing rapidly, with over 640,000 viewers now watching this section each week, compared to 477,000 six months ago. ORACLE's shares listings and foreign exchange pages are particularly popular. 600,000 viewers use ORACLE for business purposes, of whom nearly half use ORACLE's City pages for work. These are predominantly ABC1 males aged 25-44 in in the London and Central ITV areas. 83% of users have seen advertising on the service rising to 90% of the weekly audience. Holiday and travel ads top the league chart with 45% of the audience claiming to use these pages. more >> City Racing Holidays Rock/Film
P672 ORACLE 672 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:10 4/4 The research results are extracted from NOP's dletext Audience Survey January - June 1987, and based on 18,000 face to face interviews. All data is gro3sfd up to a GB adult population (15+) of 44,000,000. The results represent the mid point of the survey, i.e.end of March 1987. 12 August X lore >> City Racing Holidays Rock/Film