P5a8 ORACLE 522 Mon12 Oct C4 1747:29   MIDSUMMER EYES  BODDINGTON Midsummer Leisure may make a bid for Boddington, which could value the brewing group at £285m. But for the moment Midsummer is seeking the bac3d7g of the Bod$dWgton board which has until Thursday to respond. If the bid were tw go ahead tt would be on the basis of seven Midsummer shares for 0Z Boddington at 252p. The softly-softly approaqh comes acter MidsumVdq bought 2.1% of Boddingron's stocs. Dzst under a quarter of Boddengton is owned by Whitbread. City headlines 500 Newsfdje 520  LITTLEWOODS SUPERSAVERS! 185/6 Next Story Units Your Money Time Ofb