P552 ORACLE 552 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:10    1/2       BATTY BOOKS: Hair Case by Dan Druff Happy Holiday by Heidi High Rush Hour Travel by Stan Dinroomonly Luxury Travel by Iva Carr On Vacation by Holly Day Chemistry Class by $fss Tubes Wearing Hats by Sonia Head  Why not send us a drawing of  your joke? The best ones will be used on page 553! Z Send your jo£ds to: ORACLE JOKES, 25-32 MARSHALL ST, LONDON W1 1LL  more JOKES follow > Thanks for today's jokes to: Donna Heslop, Angela Birnie. Kids Guide ...550 More Jokes ...553 More Jokes Puzzler 555 Mag Buzz
P552 ORACLE 552 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:10    2/2       What did the river say to the elephant when it laid in it? "Well I'll be dammed!!!" My brother is built upside down. His nose runs and his feet smell! Teacher: Sarah, What is a cannibal? Sarah: Dunno Miss Teacher: Well what would you be if you were to eat your parents? Sarah: An orphan miss!! more JOKES follow > Kids Guide ...550 More Jokes ...553 Today's jokes from: Mandy Wilson, Wendy Monks More Jokes Puzzler 555 Mag Buzz