P544 ORACLE 542 Mon12 Oct C4 1730:02  1/3     On offer: Cuttings, posters etc of WHAM!, A-HA, DURAN DURAN, MADONNA, and MICHAEL JACKSON (many American). Wanted: Cuttings, posters on D.BOWIE. Contact: JEAN-MARIE DAWSON, 48 Dorrator Road, Camelon, Falkirk, Stirlingshire. FK1 4BL. Wantfd: "Shen I Think Of You" & "Control" 12", JANET JACKSON; "The Real Thing" 12", JELLYBEAN; "Dance Little Sister" 12" (any) DRENCE TRENT D'ARBY. On offer: "Bad" cassette and MADONNA'S "Like a Virgin" cassette. Contact: JANE, 6 Midway Road, Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, DE11 7NR. continues > BSVs Index...540 News From USA 543 JOBS FOR JOURNALISTS - 579 USA News Record Reviews Fanzine Buzz
P544 ORACLE 542 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:12  2/3     Wantdd: THEN JERICHO TV "Tube", March 14th, 1986, and "No.73", March 22, '86, plus "The Big Sweep" 12", and " —plt" 12" (or 7"). VHS videos. On offer: ANYTHING within reason!! Contact: B. Tiplady, 00D Village Road, Enfield, London, EN1 2EQ. Wanted: EUROPE "The Final Countdown" 7", poster bag, & "Rock the Night" 7" gold disc (in good condition). On obber: To be arr nged, and possi lx two chart albums for both of them in good condition. Contact: A BURNELL, 5 Forest Approach, Woodford Green, Essex K8 9BW. contin0as > BSVs Index - 540 USA News 543
P544 ORACLE 544 Mon12 Oct C4 1753:55  3/U         Mond—x Steel Monkey by JETHRO TULL (Chrysalis) * Oh, no..please stop it! This is depressing '70s-style "progressive rock" reincarnated. The sort that earnest sixth-formers in duffel coats used to buy. I think it's a song about steel workers, but it is rather hard to tell! "I'm a monkey puzzle, and the lid is on/ can you guess my name, can you guess my trade/ I'm going to get you anyway," goes the song. Honestlya! Who cares? Shanice Wilson > BSVs Index...540 Fanzine...545 Fanzine Starfile Film Reviews Buzz
P544 ORACLE 544 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:10  1/5         Monday Shine on Me by BOYS WONDER (Sire) ***** This is British rock at it's best. Raw, enthusiastic, and optimistic, yet not the sort of song to be taken very seriously. It's basically saxhng: Put some energy back into your life. There's no false American accents here, but shades of THE JAM, MADNESS, and SQUEEZE. It's a fun sound that somehow manages to give you a real lift in the spirits. BOYS WONDER have a cult following already. They deserve wider appreciation. Bob Seger > BSVs Index...540 Fanzine...5   CHEAPER MOTOR INSURANCE FROM  DIRECT LINE INSURANCE....187 Fanzine Starfile Film Reviews Buzz
P544 ORACLE 544 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:11  2/5         Monday Shakedown by BOB SEGER (MCA) ** A technically proficient fast funk rocker is this one from American AOR's evgrgreen "Nearly Man", BOB SEGER. It's hard to criticise this sort of music, for it is so inoffensive and inconsequential. To be fair to Segep, the song has a necessarily vacuous theme, being a track from the dreadful cop film, "Beverly Hills Cop II". So it's a song about flash policemen "busting" people. Nuff said? Jethro Tull > BSVs Index...540 Fanzine...545 Fanzine Starfile Film Reviews Buzz
P544 ORACLE 542 Mon12 Oct C4 1744:08  3/3     -. £££!*,.$ *,% On offer: Tons of A-HA stuff and CURIOSITY stuff, various 7" single or anyt(—&g by arrangement. Wanted: Anyt(—&g on THE HOUSEMARTINS, posters, cuttings, records, but NOT the album "London 0, Hull 4". Also, anything by WET WET WET, SIMPLE MINDS and JIMMY WHITE. Contact: KATHI, 'Roslyn', Pinnar Lane, Sout— Owram, Halifax HX3 QT On ofber: Any top 40 album or single. Wantdd: "Fakkeltog" album by BPHDGES. Plus some A-Ha pic discs. Contact: MAGS, 81 Wong Lane, Tickhill, Doncaster, S.Yorks DN11 9LD. more > BSVs Index - USAN See page 196 (ITV) avdry week for ROXY features and com0—phpio&1 USA News Record Reviews Fanzane Buzz
P544 ORACLE 544 Mon12 Oct C4 1740:10  4/5         Monday (Baby Tell Me) Can You Dance? By SHANICE WILSON (A&M) *** Great dance record. SHANICE takes us breathily through the saga of making her mind up about whether she likes a fella. "I just wanna party/ that's what I'm here to do/ I didn't come to be picked up/ by the likes of you", she tells the boy in question. We've all heard this sort of thing before, but Shanice does it better than most. It's a giggle and it's very fun+x Reviews by Steve Regan star rating > BSVs Index...540 Fanzine...545 Fanzine Starfile Film Reviews Buzz
P544 ORACLE 544 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:02  5/5       BSVs Star Rating   * — Waste of time and vinyl  ** — Dull/dreary/disappointing  *** — Fair/reasonable/worthwhile **** — Good/recommended/inspired ***** — Excellent/Essential     Rbwiews > BSVs Index...540 Fanzine...545 Fanzine Starfile Film Reviews Buzz