P524 ORACLE 524 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:10   JAPAN'S TRADE SURPLUS  WITH THE US INCREASES Japan's trade surplus with the US last month grew to $4.86bn from $4.8bn a year ago. But latest official figures show that Japan's adjusted trade surplus fell in September to $7.43bn from $8.95bn the previous year. The country's overall seasonally- adjusted trade surplus rose to $6.17bn last month $5.91bn in August. City headlines 500 Newsfile 520 CARS FOR SALE ON.....496 Next Story Units Your Money Time Off
P524 ORACLE 522 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:10   MIDSUMMER EYES  BODDINGTON Midsummer Leisure may make a bid for Boddington, which could value the brewing group at £285m. But for the moment Midsummer is seeking the backing of the Boddington board which has until Thursday to respond. If the bid were to go ahead it would be on the basis of seven Midsummer shares for 15 Boddington at 252p. The softly-softly approach comes after Midsummer bought 2.1% of Boddington's stock. Just under a quarter of Boddington is owned by Whitbread. City headlines 500 Newsfile 520  LITTLEWOODS SUPERSAVERS! 185/6 Next Story Units Your Money Time Off