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P452 ORACLE 452 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:01  4-Tel        Two rooms of the farmhouse have been used to illustratf the life of a local farmworker, John Hodges, who died nine years before Queen Victoria. A skilful and painstakingly researched exhibition documents the 63 years of his hard and, at times, miserable life. It does the same for his wife, who died in a workho5sb. The museum also has a large and growing collection of photographs and tape- recorded reminiscences of conditions as they used to be in the early years of the present century.  More Next Item Guild Back-Up Computing
P452 ORACLE 452 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:05  4-Tel        The collection includes the memories of of a blacksmith, a cooper, a baker, a midwife, a housemaid, a teazle-grower and a landowner. They reflect, in a personal way, the activities and social structure of the countryside before the traditional rural community disintegrated. The Somerset Rural Life Museum is at Abbey Farm, Chilkwell St, Glastonbury. The telephone number is 0458 32903.  Next Item Guild Back-Up Computing