P444 ORACLE 444 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:02  4-Tel        3.45pm TOMORROW Robert Dougall returns this week with a new series of the topical and entertaining series for the over 60s. This series will feature a new item - Your Voice - in which viewers are invited to air their opinions on a wide range of issues. Forthcoming programmes will include reports from Barbados, Florida and Australia. There will also be guest presenters, such as Robert Kee, joining the team.  Take 4 Shelf Life Sport on 4 Facts
P444 ORACLE 442 Mon12 Oct C4 1700:02  4-Tel         10.00pm TONIGHT This is the third programme in this documentary series which tells the history of the American Civil War from 1861-1865. This week's episode looks at the fortunes of the Confederacy. Once Lancoln had declared that the North was fighting for the emancipation of slaves both Britain and France backed down. They had originally supported the Confederates but with their own anti- slavery policies it would have been politically embarrassing to side with the Southerners.  1/3 Next Feature Take 4 Shelf Life Facts
P444 ORACLE 442 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:06  4-Tel         For a while the Confederates had the upper hand on the battlefield but in July 1863 they suffered two crippling defeats at Vicksburg and Gettysburg. They lost forty per cent of their force at Gettysburg dashing all hope of achieving independence through military means. Gettysburg is also memorable for Lincoln's famous address. Four months after the battle he attended the dedication of the new cemetery and in seeUhfg to de3aqibe the war —hms of the Enhon, he arrived at a definition of democracy itself. 2/3 Next Feature Take 4 Shelf Life Facts
P444 ORACLE 444 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:00  4-Tel        This week's opening programme features a film of a day in the life of Britain's most famous romantic novelist - Barbara Cartland. It includes an interview concervhng her first book to be adapted as a film, A Hazard of Hearts, first published in 1923. If you have ever wondered just how she maintains her prolific output, then this programme may give you a clue...  Take 4 Shelf Life Sport on 4 Facts
P444 ORACLE 442 Mon12 Oct C4 1754:43  4-Tel         As well as studyhng the battles, this programme also looks at the part played by music in the Civil War. Music was not only a way of relieving boredom but was also an inspiration to the soldiers. The war gave rise to thousands of patriotic and sentimental ballads. The same tunes became popular with both sides and many are still remembered today, such as Marching Through Georgia, Bonny Blue Flag and The Battle Hymn of the Republic. The Divided Union is tonight at 10.00pm  3/3 Next Feature Take 4 Shelf Life Facts