P443 ORACLE 443 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:00  4-Tel         Wealthy town-dwellers get subqhdised food, power and education. In return, they vote for the local politicians who control the handouts. Meanwhile, few people in rural areas receive any help at all. We may be witne3qhng the triumph of a free market economy, but The Politics of Food should remind everyone that certain things are simply too important to be left to market forces - such as the right to eat. Chris Stox  4/4 Next Feature Take 4 Shelf-Life Facts
P443 ORACLE 443 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:00  4-Tel         9.00pm TOMORROW The rich countries of the world donate billions of pounds worth of aid to Third World nations every year. On the surface that seems to be very noble. But what are their real reasons? In 1974, floods devastated Bangladesh, but Western aid was witheld because of Bangladesh's ties with Cuba. This programme examines the astonishing difference between the standards of living in Bangladesh and the southern Indian state of Kerala.  1/4 Next Feature Take 4 Shelf Life Facts
P443 ORACLE 443 Mon12 Oct C4 1750:02  4-Tel         Both Kerala and Bangladesh are heavily populated, poor and largely rural. But while millions starve in Bangladesh, most people in Kerala eat well. And yet Bangladesh receives 2 million tonnes of food aid annually whilst Kerala survives without foreign support The answer to this paradox lies in the different social and political systems of the two countries. Overpopulation is often cited as the cause of malnutrition, but the real culprit is poverty. For the only asset the poor have is their children. 2/4 Next Feature Take 4 Shelf Life Facts
P443 ORACLE 443 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:02  4-Tel         Twenty years ago Kerala's people forced their government to give them land, price-controlled food, free education and health care. Since that time, life expectancy has risen to European levels, and malnutrition has almost disappeared. Children now have a 400 percent better chance of survival than in Bangladesh. The average life expectancy there, by contrast, is under 55 xfars. Much of Bangladesh's foreign aid supports the army, the urban middle classes and all those the government needs to pamper.  3/4 Next Feature Take 4 Shelf Life Facts