P423 ORACLE 423 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:00  4-Tel        FILM: 2.00pm, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13 This vintage British musical comedy stars Jessie Matthews as the daughter of an Edwardian music hall star who poses as her own mother. She puts over an act which causes a sensation and romantic complications ensue when she falls for a man posing as her son. Co-stars: Sonnie Hale and Barry MacKay. Duraton: 105 mins (1934, bw) For details of barg—hn price train travel BRITISH RAIL Index p125 (ITV) Next Preview Fun On 4 Features Facts
P423 ORACLE 423 Mon12 Oct C4 1751:10  4-Tel        3.45pm, $ZESDAY, OCTOBER 13 Robert Dougall returns with a new series of the topical magazine for the over-60s that combines entertainment and information. This week's first editon features a film of a day in the life of Barbara Cartland, including an interview with her. A new feature is Your Voice, in which viewers express their opinions on a wide range of topics.  More on this programme on p444 Back-up information p456 Next Preview Fun On 4 Features Facts