P566 ORACLE 566 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01 SUNDAY RACING 'LIVE' WITH MECCA Mecca Boosl—sdrs French Racing Service will be available again next Sunday. Full coverage of Shows, Results and Pari-Mutual returns from the days principal meeting. Take full advantage of our Telebetting Service by opening a Mecca Deposit or Credit Account. Deposit Accounts can be opened in any of our 650 branches (Min £10) or if there is not a local Mecca branch send a deposit (Min £50) to the address below. On receipt we will send you your Mecca Account card and number, which you will require to make your transactions. MECCA BOOKMAKERS, 1 MORRIS PLACE P.O. BOX 57, LONDON N4 3TF Telephone applications 01-281-3141 SEE PAGE 572 FOR TODAYS RESULTS.