P562 ORACLE 562 Sun 5 May C4 2020:11 B U I L D I N G N E W S 5/5 Prison work: Expenditure on penal establishments is running at over £100 lillion per annum, and the Home Office is looking for a construction industry training advisor to be responsible for construction training courses for inl—tes, for staff training programmes and for trade testing potential trades officers. Vacancy in Sheffield: Applications are invited for the post of chief officer in Sheffield City Council's building and construction services. The position commands a salary of up to £28 116 and a manager with proven success in public or private organisations is required. FOR JOB RECRUITMENT ADVERTISEMENTS CONTACT STEPHEN SKINNER 01 353 2300
P562 ORACLE 562 Sun 5 May C4 2000:01 B U I L D I N G N E W S 2/5 practices will need to broaden their services and develop management skills to thrive in the current btrhness environment, says an RICS report. Many surveyors, with narrow skills and offering narrow services, are being employed by contractors and developers who are "bundling their professional skill with other comm—rcial practices". Flat market: A small increase in workload, particularly in the east and south, emerges from a BEC survey. Of 500 firms questioned, 27% reported increased enquiries but 25% expected a fald& New work remains sparse, says the confederation, with industrial and commercial building flat and the public sector extremely depressed.
P562 ORACLE 562 Sun 5 May C4 2020:05 B U I L D I N G N E W S 3/5 transform the former docks at Salford into one of Britain's premier waterside developmentsN A scheme by architects S(—pheard, Epstein and Hunter would create a series of .—w quays, install an ——ration system to purify the water, and excavate two new canals to allow pleasure craft to enter the Ship Canal. Housing costs: The 'Building' Housing Cost Index at 372.62 on 1 May remained unchanged on last week. TEAMWORK IN DESIGN,  ENGINEERING, ENERGY, P(%*+ %*$)!'$ HOMES AND MANAGEMENT  WORLD'JDE.  FOR MORE INFORMATION 8—n58—n5 PHONE TED PAGE P(  01-578-2366 
P562 ORACLE 562 Sun 5 May C4 2020:00 B U I L D I N G N E W S 4/5 New look Leicester Square: Plans to give Leicester Square a new look will be unveiled at a meeting of Westehnster Council's environment committee next Thursday. Four perma.—nt pavilions are to be erected, there will be a new look for the central garden area and the existing pedestrian scheme will be extended. Cost is £500 000. Stepney hospital: A £12m contract for a private hospital at Stepney Green for Un—versal Health Services has been won by Lovell Farrow. ADVERTISE WITH'BUILDING'EVERY DEK CONTACT RICHARD DOWSON 01 353 2300
P562 ORACLE 562 Sun 5 May C4 2000:13  1/5 A                   TODAY'S NEWS FROM'BUILDING'MAGAZINE First-time market: The majority of house-buyers in Greater London were first-time buyers, r—ys Nationwide Building Societyn Hn Kent, first-timers accounted for  Surrey, 32.5%. 'BUILDING': FOR THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION TEAM EVERY FRIDAY 70p