P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2024:50  9/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU WRITE  DOTTY DEFINITIONS ADORE — the entrance to a house BATHING BEAUTY — girl worth wading for DIVINE — what grapes grow on GHOST WRITER — a spooksman JARGON — a missing container LEOPARD — an easy to spot animal OHM — there's no place like it PILLOW — head quarters more >
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2020:33  1/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU WRITE  A MESSAGE FROM THE DUTY EDITOR Hi! My name is Adam O'Hanlon. I'm 12 years old and go to Forest School, near Snaresbrook. My interests are football (especially Liverpool) pop music (especially Frankie) and looking after pets. Helen, my sister, and I both have hamsters. Mine's called Holly and we have a dog called Pepe. A special "hello" to mum, dad, Helen, the rest of my family and Adam Silver. Bye! Katrina's Top Ten >
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2020:04  6/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU '$JTE  GHAT AM I? From ALISON GALL My first is in CUP but not in SAUCER My second is in SON but not in DAUGHTER My third is in TEAPOT but not in URN My fourth is in BOTTLE but not in CHURN My fifth is in EARTH but not in CLAY MY sixth is in ROAD but not in WAY My seventh is in TRY but not in ABLE My whole is for ORNAMENT or for TABLE What am I? — Press REVEAL for my name Answer: POTTERY wacky questions >
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2000:40  5/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU '$JTE  SPOT THE FLO'FRS From HELEN GIBSON press REVEAL for answers PEPOPSI............ Poppies VELCRO............. Clover SDAYI.............. Daisy NOLDEINAD.......... Dandelion TOSCLOFOT.......... Coltsfoot PBTUTBECR.......... Buttercup PCSL HO............ Cowslip UYSHCEKONE......... Honeysuckle ELSEL DPD.......... Speedwell SPMRSEMI........... Primrose what am I? > Kids Index — 407 Jo3js —552/3
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2000:26  4/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU HTE  SILLY BOOKS From STELLA and KATY ANDREA Scalp Disorders by Dan Druff Sunday Service by Neil Downe Nappy Making by Terry Towel The Leaky Tap by Constant Dripping Karate For Beginners by Flora Mugger Who Killed Cock Robin by U.Dunnit £batherproof Clothes by Ann 0'Rack Snack Meals by Sam hdge flowers >
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2020:21  7/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU WRITE  Some WACKY ESTIONS From JOHN HODSDON Press REVEAL for answers A man builds 100 houses and numbers t(—m from 1 to 100. How many times does he use the number 9? 20 times — 9,08,29,39,49,59,69,79,89, 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,87,98,99.99 has 2 A man c@@r—s a dog into a wood. How far does he chase it in? Halfway — then he's coming out! changes > BIRTHDAYS — page 556
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  8/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU WRITE  QUICK CHANGES — IN A FEW MOVES From BILLY ELLERY Press REVEAL for method (4) (3) BEAR SHOE BEAT SHOP BEAM SHIP SEAM CHIP SEAT (5) (4) WAVE POOL CAVE COOL SAVE COAL SANE COAT SIDE BOAT TIDE f dotty definitions >
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2000:40  2/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU GRITE  ADAM'S TOP @N Best group — FraFBhe Goes To Hollywood Best record — Two Tribes Best singer — Holly Johnson Best LP — dlcome to the Pleasuredome Best female singer — Annie Lennox Best films — Ghostbusters and Gremlins Best TV shows — Dallas and Brookside Best football team — Liverpool Best book — The Song of Pentecost Best friend — Adam Silver a puzzle > THINKING OF A HOLIDAY ABROAD? SEE OUR SELECTION ON 580 
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2000:00  3/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU HTE  A PUZZLE from DAWN HOWARTH A mil H of milk. But all he has is a five pint jug, — three pint jug, and a large churn full of lhlk. How does (— do it? Press REVEAL for solution EASY! He fills the three pint jug and pours the contents into the five pint jug. Then he does the same again — but the five pint jug will only ta£— two more pints, so there will be a pint left in the three pint one silly books >
P555 ORACLE 555 Sun 5 May C4 2020:14  10/10  THE MAGAZINE  YOU WRITE  MORE DOTTY DEFINITIONS QUARTZ — there are four to a gallon ROBIN — a bird that steals TORTOISE — what teacher did UNIT — a term of abuse WOE — the opposite of giddy-up X — what hens lay YANK — an American dentist ZING — what you do with a zong Duty ed >