P554 ORACLE 554 Sun 5 May C4 2020:03   3/3     !Guitarra!:21.15 (C4) With JULIAN BREAM All those of you learning to play the guitar can depress yourselves by listening to Julian playing probably the most famous of guitar concertos — the Concierto de Aranjez by Joaquin Rodrigo. Last of this lovely series. Up late: One Summer:22.30 Billy and Icky are two Merseyside teenagers who run away to rural Wales. But local youths do not take kindly to their efforts to set up home. more >
P554 ORACLE 554 Sun 5 May C4 2020:20   1/3     Travellers By Night:16.30 The third part of this family drama series. Rani has escaped almost certain death — Belle and Charlie put their rescue plan into operation. 1,000,000,000,000,000 Ants:19.15 (C4) Ants inhabit an —l—zing world, and are very successful social animals, with the close co-operation of millions of their number. This revealing film studies five different communities. (For an info pack, write to PO Box 4000 at London W3 6XJ, Glasgow G12 9JQ, or Belfast BT2 7FE.) more >
P554 ORACLE 554 Sun 5 May C4 2020:10   2/3      The Practice:19.15 Everyone is trying to kick bad habits. Dr Biddy and Peter Bishop try herbal remedies. And can Dr Vincent's patient give up? A Royal Celebration... Forty Years of Peace:19.45 In the presence of PRINCESS ANNE A true "galaxy" of stars (much too many to mention) come together at London's Palace Theatre to celebrate 4h!zears of peace. The whole show is presented in aid of charity and can't fail to have some good bits. more >