P551 ORACLE 551 Sun 5 May C4 2020:00  2/6    YOUNG WRITERS SHOW THEIR TALENT Just published is the W.H.Smith "Young Writers" book for 0885.It contains the best entries from the 0:84 competition chosen by, among others, Poet Laureate jd Hughes. On the following pages we've got some selections from the excellent book. And there's a BONUS for Oracle Kids who enter the Tea-Time Ptjz (see page 559). The coming week's prize is a copy of the book. The hger > KIDS INDEX — 407 DATABASE — 557 TAKE A BREAK IN THE UK THIS YEAR UK HOLIDAY SELECTION ON PAGE 582
P551 ORACLE 551 Sun 5 May C4 2001:04                            Send your JOKES to: OK KIDS,  MARSHALL ST,LONDON,W1. 
P551 ORACLE 551 Sun 5 May C4 2020:00  3/6    Selections from "YOUNG WRITERS" THE TIGER by Vorakit Boonchareon (5) The tiger has wise eyes. He knows about men. They put traps to kill him They will take his coat for rich ladies to wear the tiger is angry. So am I. A Python > KIDS INDEX — 407 SCI-FACTS — 557 JOKES — 552 and 553
P551 ORACLE 551 Sun 5 May C4 2020:20  4/6    A PYTHON by Paul Emery (8) A great big python black and white, Came slithereWg thru the stormy night. It swallowed the chicks all but one, Until a man came, with his gun. He waited, took his aim, Then the end of the reptile came. The python writ(—d, then lay dead, A copper bullet through its head. So one little chick and old mother hen, Pec3jd around in the chic£dn pen. His brothers and sisters are no more. Inside that snake, on the garage floor. More YOUNG WRITERS — Butterflies >
P551 ORACLE 551 Sun 5 May C4 2020:00  5/6    DANCING BUTTERFLIES by Greg.Block (13) Fields burn li£d rabbits moulting. The black ash floats @fd drifts with the wind. My hand feels the polluted air But all it feels are the rare black butterflies tickling. The dead fields are charcoal black And the hedge's fringe is singed. The wind whistles the melody to which the butterflies dance. They rise and subside in all directions The wind whistles no more The butterflies fall and die And leave a black carpet For you to tread on. More YOUNG WRITERS — Babysitters >
P551 ORACLE 551 Sun 5 May C4 2021:06  6/6    BABYSITTERS by Peter Sago (5) When my dad takes my mum out she looks beautiful. She wears her velvet sVjrt and jacket and and her silver bracelet and best shoes. My nana Burstall baby- sits for us. She brings sweets and her knitting. We go to bed when she says. I have a wee and a wash and scrub my teeth good and hard and then my nana reads me a story. She sits on the floor because she is big and she is afraid she will break my bed. About YOUNG WRITERS > INDEX — 407 SCI-FACTS — 557