P543 ORACLE 543 Sun 5 May C4 2020:05  1/3        Hi! I'm ZOEn!H'm into KING, WHAM!, FRANKIE and PAUL YOUNGn!H'd like to hear from anyone between 12-14. If you want to write to me I'm at: 90 Branksome Road, Coundon, Coventry, West Midlands, CU8 1FX. Hi! I'm NICOLA POTTERTON, I'm 13 nearly 14. I'd likd to write to anyone from the age 12-15n!J'm into WHAM!, HOWARD JONES and DEPECHE MODE. My hobbies are sport, listening to pop music, TV and going to discosn!J'll try and reply to all letters. Write to: 4 Burford Rd., Baswich, Stafford ST17 OBT. BSV's Index - 408 Reviews - 544 HOLIDAYS ABROAD 580/581 UK HOLS 582
P543 ORACLE 543 Sun 5 May C4 2020:03  2/3        Hi! My name is JANE GARLICK. I am 13 years oldn!J would like a pen pal, 13 or over, male or female. My hobbies are listening to music (pop) and writing to people. My favourite groups are WHAM, DURAN DURAN, FRANKIE, NIK KERSHAW and PAUL YOUNG Send a picture too, if possible to: Garden House, Wheldon Rd., Castleford, dst Yorkshire WF10 2JJ. I'm 13 xears old and am looking for a pen pal. My favourite groups are UB40, BOB MARLEY and U2. Write to: MARK LAWSON, 94 Janefield St., Parkhead, Glasgow. more follows >
P543 ORACLE 543 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  3/3        I'm 12 years old and I am desperate for a pen pal. My interests include WHAM! and many othersn!R love collecting earrings and I love water sports. I also like writing letters so please, anyone who is interested, please write to: JULIE FETTUS, 9 Carnamena Park, Belfast 6, Northern Ireland. Hi everyone! please listen carefully. I'm a 14 year old girl who's into DURAN DURAN, WHAM, NIK KERSHAW, KING, PAUL YOUNG, FRANKIE and ALISON MOYET. I would like to write to anyone aged 12- 14. So if you're interested, write to: JULIE, 88 Lewis Road, Istead Rise, Northfleet, Kent DA13, 9JN. more follows >