P541 ORACLE 541 Sun 5 May C4 2020:07  5/6     by Julian Newby Weekend ONE OF TWO PEOPLE With a pretty catholic taste in music rangaFg from DUSTY SPRINGFIELD to GRACE JONES, from THE BEATLES to BO'JE, NOEL has surprisingly strong views on the music industry's output as a whole. "I thiFk there are a lot of good bands starting to come out. They're starting to go back to actual music and not too much synth orientated stuff...I mean from English bands like THE SMITH and LLOYD COLE. @ think there's going to be a big turn round and people are wanting to listen to just instruments again hFstead of syncopated pop music." continues >
P541 ORACLE 541 Sun 5 May C4 2021:05  6/6     by Julian Newby 'je3jnd ONE OF TWO PEOPLE There are actually more than two of them. NOEL RAM and MARK STEVENSON are the founder members and the band's main songwriters, but the two of them are permanently backed-up by the musical skills of IAN PENMAN, STEVE CREESE and BRAD LANG. And that's the line up you'll find on t(jir new single "This is The Shirt" which should just have arrived at your local record store. But before you rush out for your copy, have a go at winning a signed 12" version first. Check out page 549 now and all next week... continues >
P541 ORACLE 541 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  2/6     by Julian Newby Wee£jnd ONE OF TWO PEOPLE I asC—d NOEL, one half of TWO PEOPLE, if he thought there was any particular reason why the first single flopped... "A lot of the media seemed to like the first single 'Rdscue Me', and they seem to li£d 'Shirtg —s welln!Rnfortunately with 'Rescue Me' it just wasn't classed as a daytime record at Radio 1 and that was why it didn't take off." "It was frustrating, because we obviously think there's a lot of garbage out there, and we do take care care and pride over what we do..." continues >
P541 ORACLE 541 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  3/6     by Julian Newby Wee£—nd ONE OF TWO PEOPLE Before NOEL formed Two People (who are actually five people...but I'll come back to that) with songwriting partner MARK, he was gaining live experience as a session musician in Norway. "I was working for an agency, just filling in for sick lpsicians really. I found myself with this band just playing around Norwayn!Rt was crazy. It was in the middle of winter and, like, minus 50 outside and no daylightn H'd done work li3j that in De.l—rk, Italy, Sweden...since I was about 17. It was like a job I suppose." continues >
P541 ORACLE 541 Sun 5 May C4 2001:00  1/6     by Julian Newby Wee3jnd ONE OF TWO PEOPLE A few weeks ago now, I was pleasantly surprised by a performance by a band playing a promotion concert at RONNIE SCOTTS club, just a couple of streets away from (—re. Very few of the audience had seen this band live before, yet most of them seemed, as I was, very impressed. How come then, that their highly acclaimed debut single "Rescue Me" had been as good as ignored by daytime DJ's and therefore the record buying public? BSV's Index - 408 US Charts - 542 CARS CARS CARS FOR SALE - 496
P541 ORACLE 541 Sun 5 May C4 2020:05  4/6     by Julian Newby Wee3bnd ONE OF TWO PEOPLE While NOEL was bashing it out in various village halls around Norway, his partner to be, MARK, was working doing odd jobs for various German record companies. They didn't meet and start writing songs together until after they'd both returned to their home town of Liverpool... "Usually one or the other will come up with an initial idea and then we'll sit down and work on it together. It's quite unusu—l really...because we've got a lot in common, a lot of personal experiences that are very similar..." continues >