P536 ORACLE 536 Sun 5 May C4 2020:14    5 T The two women travelled some 80,000 miles across the USA, visiting drug treatment centres, parents meetings at schools, local anti-drug task forces — all occasions providing plenty of "photo opportunities" for press and TV. Tate also got TV to get hooked on Mrs Reagan each time they put on a major programme on the subject. She co-hosted a two hour drug epic on Good Morning America, she narrated "The Chemical People" on public TV and was guest star on Different Strokes, an NBC programme about drugtakersN For more details read Mar3fting 'fek more follows >
P536 ORACLE 536 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01    3 In the early weeks after Reagan's first election win the ex-actress was in serious danger of dragging the triumph- ant Ronnie back to his earlier B-move status in the eyes of the American public. Mrs Reagan did everything wrong. Tate, then 39 —nd with a (second) hus- band and two young children in suburban Washington in a hitherto humdrum PR advertising career, set to work. For more details read Marketing dek more follows >
P536 ORACLE 536 Sun 5 May C4 2020:31    THE SELLING OF NANCY REAGAN USTV shortly share in a one hour love-in, a full leWgth NBC documentary on Nancy Reagan screened in prime time. It is unlikely to offend Middle America. One woman, but not Nancy herself, takes much of the credit for the adula- tion now handed out to the First Lady. Plucked from comparative obscurity, Sheila Tate spent four arduous years as press secretary to Mrs Reagan, virtu- ally the First Lady's first lady. For more details read Marketing Week more follows >
P536 ORACLE 536 Sun 5 May C4 2020:05    4 T Her only major credential was recent work for Hill & Knowlton. Her job was essentially to find Mrs Reagan something to do, to change her image 180 degrees and to provide a constant source of press stories careM fully designed to (rlbnise the First Lady. Drug abuse was an issue Nancy Reagan wanted to do something about, and she was successful. For more details read Marketing 'jek more follows >
P536 ORACLE 536 Sun 5 May C4 2020:43    2 4 Earlier this year Sheila Tate quit to swap prestige for hard cash as senior vice-president of Burson Marsteller's Washington DC office. The Washington press corp and TV correspondents, who naturally love to hate press secretaries agree that she did an admirable job in the re-masing of Mrs Reagan. Scarcely a few days into the Presidency Mrs Reagan was a PR disaster. For more details read Mar3jting 'fek more follows >