P529 ORACLE 529 Sun 5 May C4 2020:02  1/3  COMPANY DIARY  MONDAY Bank Holiday TUESDAY Ints: Akroyd & Smithers, Barton Transport, Concentric, Smith & Nephew (qtrly), Tyne Tees TV, Winterbottom Energy Tst Fins: Ambrose Inv Tst, BHS, Clive Discount, Executex, Garnar Booth, Lee Cooper, Lyle Shipping, Marks & Spencer, Palma Gp, Paul Michael Leisurewear, Usher-Walker. WEDNESDAY Ints: Marine Adventure Sailing Tst, Philips Lamps NV (qtrly), Valin Pollen Int Fins: Barr & Wallace Arnold Tst, City of Oxford Inv Tst, Costain, European Ferries, External Inv Tst, J Holt, Miles 33, Silentnight >>>> CARS FOR SALE 496 RECRUITMENT 498 PROPERTY FOR SALE 497
P529 ORACLE 529 Sun 5 May C4 2020:00  2/3  COMPANY DIARY  THURSDAY Ints: AE, GB Castle, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Insurance (qtrly figs), Stakis, Wardle Storeys, Save & Prosper Return of Assets Inv Tst Tst, Vaux Breweries, Ghessoe Fins: Debenhams, King & Shaxson, Molynx Hdgs, TDS Circuits, UEI FRIDAY Ints: Circaprint, Warner Estate Hldgs Fins: Liberty, Spear & Jackson Intl, Thomas Warrington & Sons Economic Statistics >>>>> Business: Headlines p402, Index p500
P529 ORACLE 529 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  3/3  COMPANY DIARY  ECONOMIC STATISTICS MONDAY Bank Holiday TUESDAY London Clearing Banks Monthly Statement (mid April); Housing Starts and Completions (March); Provisional Estimates of Monetary Aggregates (mid April); Credit Business (March); Producer Price Index Numbers (April prov); Retail Sales (March fin). £FDNESDAY None announced. THURSDAY Usable Steel Production (April). FRIDAY Provisional Figures of Vehicle Production (April). >>>>>