P509 ORACLE 509 Sun 5 May C4 2020:05  2/3  NO MORE HOLOCAUSTS,  PLEADS REAGAN President Reagan has said mankind must never again be plunged into the horror of the Nazi holocaust when "Hell yawned forth its awful contents". Israel's ambassador was among those listening at the Belsen death camp as Mr Reagan praised Germany's strength in condemning the crimes of the Nazis. "But out of the ashes and darkness of the Nazi evil rose hope and promise," the President said."And we have learned that death cannot rule forever." Jewish protest groups were kept well away from Mr Reagan as he slowly toured the camp grounds in a limousine. >>>>> News headlinds: ITV p101, Ch4 p401
P509 ORACLE 509 Sun 5 May C4 2021:01  1/3  REAGAN VISITS  ADENAUER'S GRAVE President Reagan paid an unexpected visit to the grave of West Germany's great post-war chancellor Konrad Adenauer before travelling to Belsen. Mr Reagan was accompanied to the grave at Rohndorf by Chancellor Kohl and his wife, as well as Mrs Reagan. Mr Adenauer was a staunch anti-Nazi and Mr Reagan's visit to the grave was seen as a further balancing act after the controversy surrounding his German trip  Riot police later blocked the path of 800 Jewish demonstrators at Bitburg war cemetery where Mr Reagan laid a wreath at a brief ceremony. Belsen speech>>>>> News headlines: ITV p101, Ch4 p401
P509 ORACLE 509 Sun 5 May C4 2020:03  3/3  SS GRAVES: REAGAN  CALL FOR HEALING President Reagan later visited Bitburg war cemetery where 49 SS troops are among those buried, and declared: "This should be a time for healing". He was speaking at Bitburg air base after spending just seven minutes at a wreath-laying ceremony at the cemetery. With him was his wife, Nancy, and Chancellor Helmut Kohl who had urged the visit as a reconciliation act 40 years after Nazi Germany's defeat. Mr Reagan, facing bitter protests, said SS crimes were "heinous" but ordinary soldiers also lay in Bitburg and "we do not believe in collective guilt." >> News headlines: ITV p101, Ch4 p401