P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2018:04  +DDVEND 1/10  SWEARING AID!  According to a report in the Sunday Times, ITV believes that deaf viewers are more broadminded than the rest of the population! It says, "Admirers of the British gangster movie, 'The Long Good Friday' were upset to find that all the obscenities had been cut out when the film was shown on Easter Monday. But deaf viewers, who could pick up a subtitled version on the Oracle tele- teletext service, got the dialogue unexpurgated."! Actor acts deaf >
P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2020:11  'FEKEND 3/10  LETTER FROM   VIE'FR Phyllis Knowles writes in about the hearing dogs. "I am not happy about the money being spent on training "Hearing Dogs" for the deaf and think it is quite ridiculous. Our family had a dog for 0Z yfars and we trained him ourselves. He can tell the difference between the deaf and hearing. We now have two cats and they know we are deaf. Our son is hearing and when he is home, they always miaowed but when we are on our own they always draw our attention by looking at the door!" AI More follows >
P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2023:13        on page 888  Friday 3rd May 2000 A FINE ROMANCE 2030 HOME TO ROOST 2100 C.A.T.S EYES Saturday 4th May 1705 BROOKSIDE (Channel 4) 2015 HUNTER 2130 TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED 2200 AUF 'JEDERSEHEN, PET Sunday 5th May 1000 MORNING WORSHIP 1630 TRAVELLERS BY NIGHT 1915 THE PRACTICE 2230 ONE SUMMER Monday 6th May 1930 CORONATION STREET 2000 ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN 2100 END OF EMPIRE News for the deaf...471
P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2022:19  +FEKEND 6/10  VIDEO FOR SALE  Heathlands School for Deaf Children has produced a 2-hour video tape of nine Fairy stories in Signed English. The titles of the stories are: 1 The Gingerbread Man, 2 The Little Red Hen, 3 The three Little Pigs, 4 Peter and the Wolf, 5 The Magic Porridge Pot, 6 The Enormous Turnip, 7 Snow White, 8 Billy Goats Gruff, 9 Red Riding Hood. Copies of the tape can be obtained from David Scott, Heathlands School, Heathlands Drive, St Albans, Herts. Plase enclose a blank VHS video tape and a cheque for £8 to cover copying time, postage and packaging.A colouring book containing all 9 stories is also iWcluded in the price. A Demo at NDC >
P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2019:10  'FDVEND 2/10  ACTOR ACTS DEAF  Actor Hywel Williams Ellis made sure that he experienced the difficulties of deaf 0jople at first hand while preparing for a role in Central TV's recent "Dramarama" production of "Look At Me " shown on 22nd April. He was taught how to speak as a deaf person by two deaf people. "Look at Me" followed the relationship between two boys who are brought together after an accident involving the deaf boy's dog and explored the communication difficulties which resulted in a close bond being formed between them. Letter from viewer >
P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2021:05  'FEKEND 4/10  LETTER FROM  VIEWER Phyllis Knowles writes in about her 2 cats who seem to know that she is deaf. "My cats even come to our bedroom and scratch our pillows to tell us if we have overslept or someone is at the door. How they learned to attract our attention is really a mystery to us as we did not train them. They didn't cost us a penny as they were given as a gift." "Those who have the idea of spending money on Hearing Dogs need their heads examinedn!Money could be spent on the Vistels for people who are housebound and need them for emergency." new Pr Snippets of news >
P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2022:01  'FEKEND 5/10  SNIPPETS OF NEWS  # Deaf American actress Elizabeth Ptjnn is now appearing in a play "Fighting Chance" at t(j Thorndi3j, Leatherhead. A critic wrote of her: "One good reason for seeing this production is the performance of the American actress Elizabeth Quinn. Wholly deaf since birth, she became famous in England in "Children of A Lesser God". This is her first speaking part, and she conveys with startling power the frustration of an intelligent person shackled by disabiltiy; in this context it is brain damage. Her gestures, alternating anguish and triumph, are produced by the actor's art supplementing personal experience." Video for sale >
P471 ORACLE 471 Sun 5 May C4 2024:01  £ @BEND 8/10  LETTER FROM  VIE @R Edward Cortin writes in, "I beca4j deaf 8 years ago and carry a SHS card wherever I go. went to a hospital for — c(—ck up recently after having a stomach operationn!@ showed my SHS card to the nurse and doctor but they thought the card ridicilous. I told them I was deaf and not good at liprea$hFg. They didn't bother to read the card and thoqght it funny. I t@—Wk the nurses and doctors should be trai&—d. They seem not to know how to communicate with deaf people."  Club news >