P452 ORACLE 452 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01    Alison Moyet won Best Female Singer in the recent 4 O'Clock Rock viewers' poll. Test your rock knowledge here... 1 Which new French chanteuse sings 'He Stranger'? ANNE PIGALLE 2 Who sang 'Call Me'? Was it Tracey Thorn, Debbie Harry or Cyndi Lauper? DEBBIE HARRY 3 Name three singers who have recorded 'I Can't Stand The Rain' ANN PEEBLES, TINA TURNER, ERUP(JON 4 She thought it was So Good To Be Back Home ANNIE LENNOX 5 Did this girl have Bette Davis eyes? KIM CARNES  Press reveal for answers 
P452 ORACLE 452 Sun 5 May C4 2020:11       Many a singer has been made famous by video. See how much you know about the stars and the makers of promo films... 1 He was responsible for Duran Duran's series of video 'travelogs' in Sri Lanka RUSSELL MULCAHY 2 Whose video starred Reagan and Chernenko(!)? FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD'S 'TWO TRIBES' VIDEO 3 This famous duo sing and make videos for themselves as well as others GODLEY AND CREME 4 Ghose video was choreographed by Arlene Phillips and shot in Cannes? ELTON JOHN'S 'I'M STILL STANDING'  Press reveal for answers 