P451 ORACLE 451 Sun 5 May C4 2020:11    This Thursday's Film On Four is based on a book by Maggie Brooks. Who wrote the books on which the following films were based? 1 Gone hth The 'jnd Margaret Mitchell 2 Goodbye Mr Chips James Hilton 3 Dune Frank Herbert 4 A Passage To India E M Forster 5 The Guns Of Navarone Alistair Maclean 6 Ministry of Fear Graham Greene  Press reveal for answers 
P451 ORACLE 451 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01       Do you watch the Brazilian soap opera Isaura The Slave Girl? Well, see how much you know about her country... 1 On which Rio mountain stands the statue of Christ? THE CORCOVADO 2 Which Brazilian singer sang about The Girl From Ipanema? ASTRUD GILBERTO 3 Name Brazil's twice world champion Formula 1 Grand Prix racing driver NELSON PIQUET 4 Name the stunning waterfalls in the south-west of Brazil THE IGUACU FALLS 5 What is the largest city in Brazil? SAO PAULO  Press reveal for answers 