P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2019:21                   WORLDJSE  FEATURES  ARE ON 447   
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2021:55  2/10   NOTICEBOARD  This is 4-$jl's  bulletin board  inviting any  conservation or  environmental groups  to publicise their  events or activities  '  If you would like  to use this FREE  service, write  with details to:    WORLDWISE NOTICEBOARD, 4-Tel $fletext, 60 Charlotte Street, London, W1P 2AX
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2023:11  5/12   NOTICEBOARD Don't Knock 'em! What's the first sign of summer? The swallow of coursen!Zet the first feathered herald that most people see is the house martin. To some, martins bring pleasure and good luck. To others, martin nests cause problems of noise and droppings, but knocking down the nest is illegal when it is in use. The RSPB has issued a free leaflet on how to discourage or encourage martins. Just send two first class stamps to the RSPB The Lodge, Sandy, Beds, SG19 2DL.  More in a moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2020:29  10/12   NOTICEBOARD Environmental pollution..N ..Nlzst be reduced, and the Pollution Abatement $jchnology Award aims to identify and encourage innovatory means of doing so. The award is open to all - industry, colleges, agencies, individuals M and covers pollution of —jr, land, water and noisen!Rt is sponsored by the Environment Foundation. For further details and entry forms contact Nancy Pace,00Z Jedburgh St, London SW11 5QA. Entries must be submitted by June 3rd.  More in a moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2020:04  11/12   NOTICEBOARD Cardiff CgFservation Volunteers... ...will be holding their annual review gf Friday May 10th at the Volunteer Centre, 90 St Mary's Street, at 7.00pm. There'll be a slide show loo!hng bacc at the group's work over the past twelve months, food and drink and po3rh—ly a guest spea£—r. This is an excellent opportunity to find out what the group does, and to get to know the people involved - all are welcome.  More in — moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2021:01  12/12  pu55s5w1  NOTICEBOARD Ecclesfield Conservation Volunteers... ...underta£— all sorts of tasks in the area, from planting trees, and emergent vegetation, to clearing forests and paths. Their next meeting will be take place on the weekend of action (25/26 May) in the Rother Valley Country Park, near Rotherham. If you'd li3j to join the group, contact Paul Hobson on Sheffield 680000 (evenings only).  More in a moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2002:00  3/12   NOTICEBOARD Remember the Falconer's Tale? If you do you'll remember the Birds of Prey Conservation and Falconry Centre where Jemima Parry Jones lives and works with eagles, owls, buzzards, etc. In order to carry on and expand its successful conservation and breeding projects, as well as the popular flying displays, the Centre is planning to move to a better location. In order to do so the centre badly needs support and if you'd like to ma3f a donation contact the DIRECTORS OF THE FALCONRY CENTRE, NEWENT, GLOUCES DR.  More in a moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2000:00  4/12   NOTICEBOARD Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo.... This July will be the first ever National Zoo Month, when zoos from Scotland to Cornwall, East Anglia to Ireland will be holding special events and activities. The Federation of Zoological Gardens of Great Britain and Ireland hope that the e6jnts will draw attention to the value of local zoos, particularly in education. So look out for events happening close to you nearer the time.  More in a moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2001:10  6/12   NOTICEBOARD WalChng for Wildlife... ...is what the Cheshire Conservation Trust will be doing on Monday May 6, when they run a sponsored walk through Delamere Forest in an effort to raise funds for new reserves The walk begins at the Forestry Commission Office, Linmere, Delamere Forest. Anyone interested —n walking or marshalling should contact Mi3b Parslow 34 Heath Road Upton by Chester 0244 376717  More in a moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2000:11  8/12   NOTICEBOARD Spring Birds and Flowers... ...will be highlighted in an evening walk organised by the Somerset Trust for Nature Conservation on May 10th. Meet at Bickenhall Woods, east of dst Hatch RSPCA Centre (ST 284197) at 7pm. The walk will take in Boons and Bullers Copse - the new nature reserve. For more details about the Trust and its activities, write to The Somerset Trust For Nature Conservation at Fyne Court, Broomfield, Bridgwater, TA5 2EQ (Tel:KaFgston St Mary 587).  More in a moment 
P448 ORACLE 448 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  9/12    NOTICEBOARD More to do in Morpeth... If you are young and unemployed, or a student in the Morpeth area of Northumberland, then you might like to know of a new youth group that has been set up. High on the agenda of the group's activities will be a local conservation project, and if you would like to take part why not go along. The group meets each Thursday at King Edward School Youth Centre, in the Castle Morpeth area, from 1-4pm.  More in a moment 