P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2019:14  14/14  MJ If you have any queries or comments related to the Worldwise season, do write in and we'll do our best to help you. Who knows, we might even send you a small prize! The address to write to is: Worldwise Letters 4-Tel Channel 4 TV 60 Charlotte St London WIP 2AX There is also a talking factsheet that you can ring for information about the season. The number is 01 241 5811.  Worldwise Noticeboard 448 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2000:29              o2        z5    "oj      P  P            
P447 ORACLE 007 Sun 5 May C4 2001:00    /,$/ %%%-$ %%%%s5%%%s5 %% 7/14 Watching A Thousand Million Million Ants (tonight at 7.1   like being transported into another world - and it is one which certain political idealists would envy Each individual has a defined role to play (there is no unemployment in an ant colon9 t(—re is apparently no internal conflict, and the whole works as if it were a single organism. It's awe-inspiring stuff, but I can't say that it has —ncreased my affection for these tiny insects In fact, I E—x just try stampaFg on few more in future...  Review by Sophie Walpole 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2000:04 DEAR WORLD'JSE   It's all very well  worrying about trees   but what bout my...                   Worldwise...your letters follow
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2023:34  12/14   Mr J R Buck has written in with some interesting comments on Worldwise... "I am greatly enjoying the present series and eagerly await further Worldwise seasons. "I find the programmes of immensely informative value, they are sometimes frustrating due to the fact that no matter how much 1 care the people in a position to alter things seem only interested in the profit motive." Your second point is one of the sad facts that has emerged from this season Mr Buck, but we must struggle on...  More in a moment 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2000:51  13/14   Bill Hancock of Brighton wrote in comldnting on "Decade of Destruction" which was shown earlier in the season: "It was strange to hear people saying that "Decade" should not have been included as it was not about wildlife. My reply was that it is the wildest animal left on the planet now! "I'm also glad to see 4-Tel being used for the Worldwise season, and I hope that it will continue after May 26th" £jll the good news is that 4-Tel will retain the information and noticeboard pages for the foreseeable future!  More in a moment 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2020:20    4/14 Builders, mar£—t gardeners, soldiers, bridge ia3brs —nd butc(—rs - ants spend their time working in very similar occupations to those of (pl—ns. Li£— us, they are highly developed socially, and, like us, they've adapted to living in most parts of the world Yet for every o.— of us there are aboqt a quarter of a million of them, and they have been here an awful lot longer than we have. A recently dicovered fossilized weaver ant, similar to its modern descendants, is estimated to be 10,000,000 xears old  More in a moment 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2021:00 | l< | (<4 <<4$ 4 t <4 t   /,$/ %%%-$ %%%%s5%%%s5 %%%%% 6/14 @fts are amongst the most successful creatures ever to have evolved. The key to their success must lie in their ability to cooperate, as well as to adapt to different environments. Some are carnivorous, some omnivorous, and others have speciali3—d diets. T(—y can live anywhere from tropical forests and savannahs to towns and cities (as some of us know all too well). On a pessimistic note, I suppose ants would be the most li£—ly creatures to adapt to a new way of life after a nuclear holocaust.  More in a moment 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2002:01   DEK 10/14 Although Environment 'fek ends on Bank Holiday Monday, the work of the aldnity societies will continue, and volunteers are always needed to help maintain or improve the best of their area. If there doesn't appear to be a local civic society .—ar you, why not start up your own? All it requires is a bit of your time. You can get a starting pack, including a model constitution, for £2 (post paid) from the Civic Trust, at 17 Carlton Terrace London SW1Y 5AW  More in a moment 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01    /,$/ %%%-$ %%%%s5 s5 % $ 5/14 Although we all come into contact with ants at some time or another, we know next to nothing about how they evolved, or why t(—ir complex societies began. A Thousand Million Million Ants (at 7.15pm tonight) focusses on five different types of ant colony, and by revealafg their complex organisation, makes their mystery more intriguing. The bulldog ants of Australia, for —xample, have nurses who not only carry their helpless 0ppae to feed, but can 3dFse when t —ir charge is full. @fd in ant terms, bulldogs are considered to be primitive!  More in a moment ,,,,,,,,
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2000:41  2/14   Take cover! Tonight your screens will be invaded by a thousand million million ants (aaargh!). Coming up in a moment will be a preview of the rivetting, although slightly unsettling, documentary about ants which is first of a trio of Worldwise films about the insect world. That'll be followed by a last look at Environl—nt week, which ends on Monday, and some of your letters. There'll also be the number of the Worldwise newsline that that you can ring. @nd don't forget the Noticeboard on 448  The ants are on their way... 
P447 ORACLE 447 Sun 5 May C4 2022:14    !%% -%%%%%%-$%%% @EK 9/14 Com0—titions, clean-ups, guided walks, talks, fun and fairs. These are so%— of the ways in which local —$dnity societies have been celebrating the first drer Environment Week. These societies, registered with the htic Trust, play a vital role in brin'hFg out the best of the areas where we live Your local society (which may be called Civic Trust, Civic Society or whatever) has probably organised something to celebrate environment week m!zour local paper will have details...  More in a moment ,,,,,,,,