P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2000:04            POT-GROWN FRUIT Fig: Ghile leaves are still sl—ll, give a light watering when the surface dries and perhaps one feed. Strawberries: In full leaf, give lots of water - every day if dry. Spray against greymould when first flowers appear and give a liquid feed with high potassium Apples and Pears: Need to be cross pollinated. Gently transfer pollen from flower to flower. Best done midday when temperature is up. Continue over a number of days until flowers fade.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2001:11           TOMATOES IN THE GREENHOUSE Feed tomatoes regularly with a high potage feed and proprietary tomato fertiliser from the time they begin to set. Keep them well wateredn Hf you go away, you could use capilliary matting to keep the roots moist. Or you could use a drip feed m!prhng a buc£—t, a feed pipe and a bit of capilliary tubing that drips into the pot, keeping it moist all the time.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2000:08           PLANTING IN THE ROCK GARDEN Alpines can be planted now. The soil should be allowed to firm and settle between the rocks before planting. Ma£d a good hole, tap the plant out of its container. Plant to the exact depth it was in the pot. Firm and label. Saxifraga: plant at a slight angle so the rosette doesn't collect water in it when it rains. Don't plant a new rock garden too densely, and don't put spreading varieties close together.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2020:04       T      /,$ ,.% "6 PLAN HNG ASPARAGUS PEAS Make three rows, four inches apart and ma£d drills and —nch deep. Sow the seeds four inc(—s apart. R!!— down the drill, so as not to disturb the seed They should germinate in ten or twelve days and they can be harvested in July. Ghen t(—y reach six or eight inches high, put little twigs at the side to keep the pods off the ground.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2021:49            $/,$/ ,.% "6 GARDENERS' CALENDAR TALKING FACTSHEET  There is a Tal£hng Factsheet which gi6—s brief details of the various jobs shown on Gardeners' Calendar. You can listen  in to all the 0—arls x?cssss+ot of wisdom if you P('x'p,p"t+ ring....   9   01-241 5815  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2000:54            THE NEW LAWN Planted last month, but rain has washed the larger seeds to the bottom of a gentle slope. You could put a roller over the top to break the new grasses and make them come up again thickly. John Main decides to lightly rake over the surface and then lightly sow again with more seed, which will germinate within a week. Just keep it nice and moist.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2000:04           PLANTING A HEDGE (continued) Make a hole half as large as you think you want, plant tree firmly, breachng the side of the hole. Cane the tree, putting it in close to the tree, tie fairly tight, but allow room for expansion. Put on a mulch of well-rotted compost or manure to provide moisture and food for the shallower roots  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2020:09           LILLIES IN HERBACEOUS BORDER Lillies planted in Autumn need to be sta£—d. Be careful when you put in the stak— to avoid the bulb - keep it about two or three inches off the bulb. Loosely tie the plant to stake. If you live in the south, check for scarlet lily beetle, which chews the leaves and transmits virus disease. Lillies can be grown in contai.jrs for the patio. Remember it likes to flower in the sun, but wants cool roots, so put the container in a spot where the roots wont get ba£—d.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2002:11           PLANTING A HEDGE Many evergreens can be used for hedges with a wide range of foliage colour. The GC garden has cupresso-cyparis leylandii "Castlewellan Gold". Good soil preparation is vital. Dig out a trench nd dig well-rotted manure in to the bottom. Fresh manure may burn off developing roots. Fill in the trench and tread in firmly. Mark out planting positions in a straight line.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2021:00            /,$/ ,.% "6 BRICK BUILT HERB WHEEL Add soil, fork in compost and fill up with more soil to an inch of the top. Rosemary: @f rootbound, tease out the roots at the bottom before you plant. Mint: Js very invasive and must be kept under control. Other plants to add: anNt—ls such as parsley, nasturtiums, basil; chives, helichrysum (the curry plant), varieties of thyme, sages, both coMDon and variagated.  more in a moment 
P446 ORACLE 446 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01      j5  £      PLANTING A HANGING BASKET Put in a plastic liner, slit to allow water to drain, and leave gaps to push through plants Line with moss and add layers of compost, planting s you go. Ghen it's fqll, you can top off with more plantsN Plant generously for effect. Leave in the greenhouse for ten days to recover the shock of planting, harden off and hang outside. Water well. Feed. Good plants: lobelia, ivy leaf geranium "prx lizzie, petunia,  more —n a moment 