P419 ORACLE 419 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  INTHE  FEK  AHEAD 'fdnesday, May 8 6.00 EVER THOUGHT OF SPORT? You too can take up sailing, even if you're broke 9.00 DANCE ON FOUR THE MERCE CUNNINGHAM TRAVELOGUE A film portrait of this great name of dance based around Cunningham's work 11.30 ABOUT ABOUT TIME Taster for a new series. Michael Dibb and Chris Rawlence talk about their approach to this series that will throw light on the concept of time  More in a moment 
P419 ORACLE 419 Sun 5 May C4 2020:01  INTHE  DEK  AHEAD Thursday, May 9 5.30 ICELAND 1942 musical showcasing the skating talents of Sonja Henie who belives that US Marine John Payne wants to marry her. 8.00 MIRROR IMAGE Scottish band Orange Juice play some of their famous hits in tonight's programlf. Taken from their recent Hammersmith gig. 9.00 THE BRIGHT SIDE Paula 'jlcox stars as a young wife whose husband is jn prison in this brand new bitter sweet comedy.  More in a moment 
P419 ORACLE 419 Sun 5 May C4 2020:04  INTHE   DEK  AHEAD Saturday, May 11 1.30 PRINT IT YOURSELF A new series in which four community groups join with four local film groups to show how people how to print for themselves 7.30 LAKELAND ROCK Don Whillans returns with Chris Bonington to tackle the Dovedale Groove climb 9.15 TERROR First of a two-part docql—ntary looking behind the bloody headlines at the phenomenon of terrorism  Mor in a moment 
P419 ORACLE 419 Sun 5 May C4 2020:12  INTHE  FEK  AHEAD Friday, May 10 9.30 THE GREAT PLANT COLLECTIONS Roy Lancaster visits Bodnant Gardens, North Wales, famed for its rhododendrons and azalias 10.30 RECLAIMING THE EARTH A documentary demonstrating how closely the fate of humanity is bound up with ecological issues 11.30 THE GREAT ROCK 'N ROLL S'JNDLE (1979) British TV premiere of Julien Temple's anarchic history of punk group The Sex Pistols  More in a moment 
P419 ORACLE 419 Sun 5 May C4 2023:45  INTHE  WEEK  AHEAD Tuesday, May 7 5.30 PETS IN PARTICULAR Lesley Judd investigates the scandal of imported tropical fish which die by the thousand, and looks at the beauty secrets of a champion cat! 8.30 4 WHAT IT'S WORTH C4's consumer programme returns with a special investigation into the activities of cowboy gas fitters. 9.00 TERRIBLE JOE MORAN James Cagney ma3js his TV debut and his last screen appearance in this film about a once great prizefighter.  More in a moment 