P119 ORACLE 119 Sun17 Mar C4 0014:43   BLOOD DONORS Tg BE  SCREENED FO AIDS Every blood donor in Britain is to bf tested AIDS disease spreading through transfusionsN The Pyblic Health Sirvicj Laborahory said thf tfst (ad only recevtly bjcome availablf and would be introduced as quicsly as po3rt2ld. Wnce thr scrjining goey into opetation no blood will be pas3fd on to hospitals until it is clfaredN The tfst will cVst about £2 a timfN In 1981 there wuqe four re0nqted casjs of AIDS in Britain, but by the end  last yfar t(jrf were 132N News hfadlines: ITV 01 1, Ch4 p401