P116 ORACLE 116 Sun17 Mar C4 0014:42   SNO' B"JNGS CHAOS  AND DEATH Snow, storms and high winds brought chaos and death to Britain just four days before the start of Spring. The worstMhit county was Hampshire where a@Zbn who left his car on t(j M27 dijd after being hit by another vfhicle dhe AA said roads werf a "disaster areabaafter freak snow and hail stormsN Snow blocUjd roads in Cornwall and Devon, while cross-Pennine roads and routjsPhm Scwtland were impassbble. Gale*corcj winds hit 'bles and thf 'jst Country with wfatherZjn scxjng moje bad weather is on the wayN News hfadlines: ITV p101, Ch4 p401