P115 ORACLE 115 Sun17 Mar C4 0014:42   BISHOP WARNS OF  POLICE STATE Governmfnt policies arj0hn danger of turning Britain into a police state, the Bishop of Durham has claiMfdN Dr David JenSr.s accused the Govfrnment of failing to appreciate the "dangerous resentZfnt" it was creatingN Hi urged it to changf its "socially diviwhve economic policies". S0ja3jng on Channel 4's Crjdo, hf said there was a total,or nfarMtotal,faelure to appreciate how bitter pjople ffltN By guving tax advantages of the betterM -off, (j said4 the Govermfnt gavf the impression thatPtt favoured o.j classN News hfadlinfs:!JTV p101, Ch4 p401