P112 ORACLE 112 Sun17 Mar C4 0014:42   SY$ ANARMYMOVES  ON BEIRU( REBELS Syrian troops havf moved towards Beirut and ta3jn ovfr jbanese army positions facing rebel Christian militi!ljnN Syria's defence Urnister said thf move was made tnQsupport Lebanese Presedent Amin Gemayfl. Meanwhile, a number of US emb!rrz slaff (bve bfen withdrawn from thf jbanese capital after a spate of kidnappingsN The latest pjrson to be snatchjd is a leading US journalist in Moslem +jst BeirutN This follows the sfizure of two Britons in thf previous two daysN News hjadlines: ITV p101, Ch4 p401 For details of bargain price train travel British Rail Indfx p125 (ITV)