P111 ORACLE 111 Sun17 Mar C4 0014:42   KENT DOCTOR STRUCK  OFF FOb ADULTERY Doctor Ahsanul Haque has bfen ordered to be struck off the mjdical register !P8!8Pj!Gj6j} d!GjdjG!j! Gs^sjjdjss!dddd adultfry with a patientN He was also found to havf bfhaved indecently towards (fr and two other patients. Dr Haque, 49, from Ashford, Kent, be(avfd "grossly improperly" and gravjly  But the disciplinary committee foynd that hf was not the father of a baby born to onf of the women who Ubde allegations against him. EXTRA SPECIAL DEALS FOR NE' RENTERS AT CURRYS $HIS 'DDV..... p159 (ITV1