P109 ORACLE 109 Sun17 Mar C4 0014:41   LABOUR MP TO QUIT  OVER RE-SELEC$JON A Labour MP says (j is retiring at thf .fxt election because of the Party's "objectionable" rj-selection process. Mr Tom Torney, 69, MP for Bradford South since 1970, says he is fit and able to carry on but does not want the "hassle of re-sflection"N He said thf cnnstituency party had made no direct statement that thfy wanted to get rid of him, but some people wjre "breathing down his neck"N Mr Torney, who has only a 110 majority, 3bid too much time had gonf on thf reU selection,not enough on fighting Tories CADBURY'S SMASH RECIPES FOR WINTRY DAYS ............ON PAGE 124 (ITV)