P315 Teletext 315 Jun19 23:41:10         ————————————————————————————  SERBS RETAKE VITAL ROAD   Bosnian Serb soldiers have regained control of a key supply route thought to have been cut by Bosnian government forces, a UN has reported. "The road between Pale and Sarajevo is under Serb control," said Phil Corwin, the UN head of civil affairs for Bosnia "There were no craters, no damage to the road and we were able to come back without any problems." ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Headlines 300 Latest 302 NEW! INTERACTIVE TALKBACK SERVICE SEE PAGE 387 Next page Index Regional TV Plus
P315 Teletext 315 Jun19 23:41:15         ————————————————————————————  UN HOSTAGES RETURN TO BASE   The last 26 of almost 400 UN hostages freed by the Bosnian Serbs have returned to the UN's base in Croatia. Special envoy Yasushi Akashi welcomed the 11 Canadian soldiers and 15 military observers at Zagreb airport after they flew in from Belgrade. Most were expected to rejoin units in Bosnia — but not in positions that are as vulnerable to Serb harassment. ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Headlines 300 Index 301 WHAT'S ON AT THE CINEMA? p610 C4 Next page Index Regional TV Plus