P307 Teletext 307 Jun19 23:41:00         ———————————————————————————  MPs "MISLED" OVER ARMS-T0-IRAQ   Sir Richard Scott said the Government "designedly misled" MPs and the public in the arms-to-Iraq affair, according to a draft report leaked to ITN. There was "deliberate" failure by the Government to inform MPs its policy on defence sales had been eased, it claims The Government is accused of bNelsonian use of the blind eye" in ignoring warnings UK tools were helping Iraq. ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— Headlines 300 Regional 331 NEW!! PERSONAL MESSAGES SECTION P397 Next page Headlines Regional TV Plus
P307 Teletext 307 Jun19 23:41:04         ———————————————————————————  WALDEGRAVE BLASTS IRAQ LEAK   Agriculture Minister William Waldegrave says he "utterly refutes" preliminary findings in the Arms-to-Iraq inquiry. Mr Waldegrave, Foreign Office minister at the time of the affair, spoke out again after a draft of the Scott report said MPs and public had been "misledb. "It is increasingly difficult to see how a fair process can be maintained against such systematic leaks," he said ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Headlines 300 Regional 331 WHAT'S THE LOCAL TRAFFIC LIKE? p193 Next page Headlines Regional TV Plus