P198 Teletext 198 Jun19 23:41:10 Welcome to         Teletext is the name of the service you receive on ITV and Channel Four when you press TEXT on your remote control. Teletext is snique since it contains national and regional pages. On a typical day, there are: 3,000 bframes" of information held at 26 transmitter sites around the UK around 50,000 updates. This makes us the biggest teletext operation in the world. And since we're free the best value for money going! ——————————————————————————————————1/8—— A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus
P198 Teletext 199 Jun19 23:40:00 Welcome to         ——————— ON ITV AND CHANNEL 4 ——————————  Teletext puts a wealth of  facts - and fun! - at your  fingertips. We bring you   up-to-the-minute reports   from around the globe.    But we don't overlook   what's going on near home.    And hundreds of news and  information pages are  tailored to your region.  ITV page 330 shows where these regional services can be found. ——————————————————————————————————2/8—— A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus
P198 Teletext 198 Jun19 23:40:01 Finding your way around         If yougve just bought your Teletext TV, get used to using your remote control. Buttons, and symbols, vary. Key in page numbers and wait for pages to appear. Use the "hold" button to grab a single frame. The hold button is often marked with a symbol like this:   Some pages carry hidden information, such as answers to a quiz. Display it by pressing the "reveal" button - often marked "?b. Try it now... Don't get vexed - ask Teletext! Next: fastext >>> ——————————————————————————————————3/8—— A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus
P198 Teletext 198 Jun19 23:40:00 Finding your way around         If you have a FASTEXT set you can use the coloured buttons on your remote control to give you faster access to certain pages. The colours will correspond to the colours of key words on the screen. For example, if you  see Headlines and you  press the red button   a headlines page will  appear, without the  need for you to key  in its number.    ——————————————————————————————————4/8—— A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus
P198 Teletext 198 Jun19 23:41:00 Finding your way around         Pressing the white button, or the one marked "i" on some Fastext controls, will bring an index to the screen - usually the full A-Z index on 199(ITV). Gobbledegook! Occasionally you may see jumbled-up characters like this @@$a;a&>÷@@ on your screen. This is not bad typing on our part; the most likely cause is poor reception - the set may need re-tuning or its aerial re-directing, or your local transmitter is on reduced power. ——————————————————————————————————5/8—— A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus
P198 Teletext 198 Jun19 23:41:51 Welcome to         Teletext runs a number of competitions. These are governed by standard rules: prizewinners' names are published correct entries are picked at random Teletext staff or their families are not able to enter our competitions the Editor's decision is final. COMPLAINTS We strive to produce a service of high quality. If you think wegve fallen down on the job, contact the Editor - see page 691 on C4 for the address. Pages 692 and 693 give details of other bodies you can complain to, such as the BCC, Icstis and the ITC. ——————————————————————————————————6/8—— A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus
P198 Teletext 198 Jun19 23:43:12             Teletext promotes a number of premium rate telephone services, some offered by advertisers, but most run by us. These are marked T+ meaning Teletext Plus services: maximum information at minimum cost to you, our viewers. The information is additional and complementary to that on the page. The cost of calls is always shown and they should last no longer than about two minutes unless stated. Calls to  opinion polls cost 12p or less   7/8 A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus
P198 Teletext 198 Jun19 23:41:10 Copyright notice         Our broadcasts, and information they contain, are protected by copyright. Teletext broadcasts, and any underlying information, may not be: reproduced (whole or in part) in any other medium rebroadcast or rediffused without the express consent of Teletext Ltd and of the owners of any rights in the underlying material. Unlicensed reproduction will amount to infringement of copyright and may result in both civil law remedies and criminal penalties. ——————————————————————————————————8/8—— A-Z index News headlines Sport TV Plus