P126 Teletext 126 Jun19 23:40:10     VET STAR TELLS OF   BABY HEARTBREAK  —————————————————————————————  Suzanne Burden hoped that working on a TV drama about fertility problems might help her overcome her own despair. She starred in You, Me And It after two miscarriages but says: "I thought it might make me feel better but it was actually very painful. "It's my experience that nothing really helps." She says doctors have given her hope that her problems can be overcome. ——————————————————————————————————2/2—— Preview 116 Films 117 ALL THE LATEST LOTTERY NEWS p123 Stars Moore TV Films Holidays
P126 Teletext 126 Jun19 23:41:01     VET STAR TELLS OF   BABY HEARTBREAK  —————————————————————————————  Actress Suzanne Burden, star of the TV show The Vet, has told of her "terrible despair" after two miscarriages. Suzanne, 37, suffered the first in 1990 and the second a year later. "I'd already started knitting for the baby - then suddenly lost it," she says. "The loss is ever present and will be until we finally manage to have a child," she tells Woman magazine. ——————————————————————————————————1/2—— All the latest soap gossip 118 FOR GREAT THOMSON HOLIDAYS SEE P289 Stars Moore TV Films Holidays