P125 Teletext 125 Dec26 20:21:00     CAREER WOMAN   ANTHEA TURNER  —————————————————————————————  Anthea Turner has had a remarkable year going from presenting Blue Peter, to GMTV, to fronting the National Lottery. But Anthea, married to ex-Radio 1 DJ Peter Powell, admits that her busy career does have its drawbacks. "I'd love children but at the moment it just doesn't fit into the plan. "But I realise it's one   side of my life I'm not   fulfilling."   ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Keep up with all the soaps 118 PATRIC WALKER'S DAILY STARS p127 Comedy Stars Sport News
P125 Teletext 125 Dec26 20:20:10     CAREER WOMAN   ANTHEA TURNER  —————————————————————————————  Busy TV presenter Anthea Turner says the little spare time she does have is spent sleeping and "booking appointments to see my husband". Anthea also loves horse-riding and says if SHE won the lottery, she'd gallop off to buy a horse:   "Living in London, I'd have  nowhere to keep it - so it  would cost a fortune to look  after. Very self-injulgent..  a huge luxury!" ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— 2point4 Children just keeps growing 126 THE PICK OF THE MOVIES ON TV p117 Comedy Stars Sport News
P125 Teletext 125 Dec26 20:20:00     CAREER WOMAN   ANTHEA TURNER  —————————————————————————————  As a TV presenter, you'd expect Anthea Turner to watch a lot of telly - but she reckons she's actually "addictedb. "I have to have the TV on. I've four  in the house on different  channels so I can move  from room to room. And I  have satellite TV too."  But she draws the line at TVs which let you watch four channels at once: "Now that's going into the realms of being obsessed!" ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Patric Walker's stars 127 News 300 ON THE MOVE? LATEST TRAVEL NEWS p190 Comedy Stars Sport News