P333 Teletext 333 Dec10 20:50:00     Central   region    ———————————————————————————  CRASH HURTS PREGNANT WOMAN    A 30-weeks pregnant woman and her three-year-old daughter were badly hurt when their car was in collision with a 31-tonne lorry near Wolverhampton. Mother-of-two Jane Swindell, 28, of Common Road, Wombourne, West Midlands, was taken to Birmingham General Hospital by air ambulance. The three-year-old Kirsty was taken to the Royal Hospital in Wolverhampton. ——————————————————————————————————————— Regional headlines 331 Sport 170 FORDS, NISSANS, BMW'S, VAUXHALLS,... 100'S OF LOCAL CAR BARGAINS-SEE P375 Next page Local roads UK/World 'father