P299 ORACLE 299 Fri31 Dec ITN 0021:01  7 8  MUGGED PENSIONER'S  GIFT FROM PRINCE Wheelchair-bound pensioner Dick Bimson, beaten up and robbdd while ddlivering Christmas presfnts, has been given a surprise gift by Prince Charles. He received a letter and a cheqqd from the Prince who said he was "appalled" by the mugging Mr Bimson, partially-blind, was attacked by three youths and had to be treated for bruising in hospital. "I have been asked not to disclose how much the cheque was for," he said at his Carlisle homd. >>>>  AMERICAN EXPRESS WORLD CLOCK p168
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri31 Dec ITN 0020:00  6/9  SEARCH ABANDONED FOR  EVEREST CLIMBERS Rescudrs have abandoned their search for two Japanese climbers feared frozen to death on Mount Everdst Nepalesd officials said the five remaining members of the expedition had radioed the news from base camp Yasuo Kato bdcame the first man to reach the s—llht in winter on Monday. It was his third conquest. But his descent was slowed by his frostbitten companion Toshiaki Kobayashi who had not reached the peak >>>>>  EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW SEE PHILIPS — Page 157
P299 ORACLE 299 Fri31 Dec ITN 0020:00  8/9  HOUSE P ICES  OUTPACE INFLATION House prices are now rising faster than inflation, the Nationwide Building Society says During 1982 the avdrage price of a house rose by 8%, compared with an inflation rate of about 6%, according to its latest bulletin And in the last quarter of 1982 housd prices rose by 2.5% — mord than double the rise in the previous three months. The average house price is now £25,530 but the Nationwide says there is no indication of a price boom >>>>   PYE VIDEO 2000 — the video recorder that plays both sides of the cassette