P273 ORACLE 273 Fri31 Dec ITN 0031:12  NEW  1/4  YEAR  1983  CORONATION ST STAR GETS MBE Actor Jack Howarth's 22 years of playing cantankerous old Albert Tatlock in TV's Coronation Street has been rewarded with an MBE. The 86-year-old star also receives his award, announced in the New Year's Honours List, for his charity work. He once said he would never have taken the Tatlock role if he had known it would go on for so long. But earlier this year he announced that he has no plans to retireN "Coronation Street will go on forever," he predicted confidently. >>>>>
P273 ORACLE 273 Fri31 Dec ITN 0030:00  NEG  4/4  YEAR  1983  CBE FOR 'CHARIOTS' PRODUCER The man who madd the award-winning British film "Chariots of Fire" gets a special award of his own in the New Year's Honours ListN Film producer David Puttnam is made a CBE Best-selling author of the "Poldark" books, Winston Graham, is honoured with an OBEN The newly-appointed chief conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, John Prichard, is knighted And a knighthood is also bestowed upon former Arts Council chairman Kenneth Robinson. >>>>>
P273 ORACLE 273 Fri31 Dec ITN 0031:33  NEg  2/4  YEAR  1983  GONGALONGAMAX Singalong star Max Bygraves is one of a number of top names from the entertainment world to be honoured in the New Year's award listn The TV and Royal Variety Show favourite gets the OBE. The cockney comedian and singer is said to have amassed a big personal fortune over his 34-year career, but recently hf has been ill with shingles. Dr Jonathan Miller has emerged as one of Britain's outstanding TV and stage directors. But he gets a CBE after announcing his return to his first profession,medicine
P273 ORACLE 273 Fri31 Dec ITN 0030:11  NEg  3/4  YEAR  1983  SHAKESPEAREAN STAR KNIGHTED Distinguished stage and film star Michael Hordern, 70, has been made a knight in the New Year's Honours List. Earlier this year he played the title role in King Lear — for the third time. After starting as an amateur his career took off in a big wayN He has been in more than 60 films as well as playing many mafor stage roles. Singer Ian Wallace made his name in serious opera, but is now most often seen in TV's "My Music" showN The man who made the "Hippopotamus Song" his own is awarded the OBEN >>>>>