P223 ORACLE 223 Fri31 Dec ITN 0030:04  Closing....Closing.... 1/2      The long Christmas trading account has closed very quietly with comparatively few major price changes. ICI managed a 6p rise, despite the chairman's warning on 1983 prospects. Banks turned down after disturbing news from Brazil about debt repayments. National Westminster fell 20p and Lloyds dropped 13p Grand Met continued to attract buyers on hopes for the New Year and the shares advanced 2p. >>>>>  THE MFI SALE BEATS EVERYTHING p153
P223 ORACLE 223 Fri31 Dec ITN 0030:31  Closing...Closing..N 2/2      Press tips for 1983 caused some lively trading. Multitone rose 20p and Cole Group fumped 16p. Com-tech put on 7p after being tipped to riseN Group Lotus managed a 3p gain after the reasonably encouraging prospects held out at the AGM. Oils were dull. LASMO eased 15p and Candecca's continuing boardroom power battles cost the shares another 5p by the closeN Gold shares ended with gains of a dollar or twoN Amgold stood out, up $3.50N Gilts rose by as much as 37p on cheaper money hopes. >>>>>