P217 ORACLE 217 Fri31 Dec ITN 0030:50   2/2      Finland: Prime Minister Kalevi Sorsa has formed a new coalition government. He has replaced Communist and Socialist ministers with members of his own Social Democratic party  Afghanistan: More than 200,000 Afghans demonstrated in Kabul against US involvement in the country's affairs state-run Kabul radio reported. India: An air force helicopter crashed in mountains, killing five   United Arab Glhrates: Oil minister Mana Said Al-Oteiba says OPEC may meet in the next few weeks to discuss production sharingN
P217 ORACLE 217 Fri31 Dec ITN 0030:20   1/2      Spain: A Basque businessman has been freed 46 days after separatist guerrillas kidnapped him.  Israel: Actress Elizabeth Taylor was taken to hospital with breathing difficulties at Beersheba during her 'peace mission' in the Middle EastN  South Africa: Prime Minister Botha has designated January 5 as a special day of prayer because of a drought.  Peru: Military rule and a 60-day state of emergency has begun in seven provinces after Leftist guerrillas refused to surrender. >>>>>  DIXONS SENSATIONAL OFFERS  Page 163