P152 ORACLE 152 Fri31 Dec ITV 0030:00   WAKEWOOD U.V.A. SUNBEDS MAKE THIS YOUR LAST WHITE XMAS Stretch out on your own sunbed to build up a beautiful tan,day by day. You won't turn red,burn or peel if you keep to the suggested 30 mins a day. You'll BROWN GENTLY ALL OVER in about 10 days.And stay brown all over,even on the little bits you normally have to keep covered up. The superb 6ft curved pine unit with nine 6ft Philips fan-cooled UVA tubes costs only £299 (inc.VAT) So why not take the plunge & become a sun worshipper in the privacy of your own home? XMASDELIVERYTEL 01 771 1884  with your ACCESS/BARCLAYCARD NUMBER