P123 ORACLE 123 Fri31 Dec ITV 0030:11  1/2  SONY INTRODUCE THE REMARKABLE C9. THE MOST ADVANCED VIDEO RECORDER  YOU CAN BUY   * Stereo sound (with mono compatability) * Tailor made Beta Noise Reduction * Perfect picture on still frame, slow motion and trick play facilities * 14 day 9 event programmability and a host of other features * Front loading ultra-slim audio component sized styling ....a selection of major films on stereo Beta cassettes follow >>>
P123 ORACLE 123 Fri31 Dec ITV 0030:01  2/2  REMARKABLE STEREO ENTERTAINMENT AVAILABLE ON BETA CASSETTE   Fame Chariots Of Fire Honkey Tonk Freeway The Rose Halloween II Alien All That Jazz *TAPS *Oh Heavenly Dog Quest For Fire For Your Exes Only Duran Duran 9 to 5 *Moonraker *Compleat Beatles West Side Story Honeysuckle Rose  Can't Stop The Music Rocky II Genesis 3 Sides Live *Outland Simon & Garfunkel in Central Park Many of the above titles are available now.A host of others coming soon *NEg for how to make the most of them >>>